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6/30/2014 - PolyOne Wilflex Screen Printing Inks Receive Key 2014 Regulatory Certifications
4/23/2014 - PolyOne Launches Dual Protection Light Barrier for Clear Packaging at Chinaplas 2014
4/7/2014 - PolyOne Showcases Solutions for Efficient Manufacturing at WIRE 2014
3/11/2014 - PolyOne ColorMatrix Technology Enables Energy Savings for China’s PET Packaging Converters
2/10/2014 - Mecall S.r.l. Replaces Lead with Trilliant™ Radiation Shielding from PolyOne
7/24/2013 - PolyOne Corporation Announces Quarterly Dividend
7/12/2013 - PolyOne To Hold Second Quarter 2013 Conference Call
7/2/2013 - PolyOne Presents Advances in Metal Replacement at EUROTEC™
6/6/2013 - PolyOne Announces Global Launch of ColorMatrix Next-Generation FlexCart™ Liquid Dosing System
6/6/2013 - PolyOne Launches New Thermoplastic Elastomer Materials for Medical Infusion Therapy Systems
6/6/2013 - PolyOne and Matériautech® Cooperate to Help Customers Streamline and Enhance New Product Development
5/20/2013 - PolyOne Features ColorMatrix Gas Barrier Solutions for Food and Beverage Packaging at Feiplastic 2013
5/20/2013 - PolyOne Highlights Advanced, Eco-Conscious Solutions for Latin America at Feiplastic 2013
5/19/2013 - PolyOne Showcases Global Solutions at Chinaplas 2013
5/19/2013 - PolyOne and Xindao Collaborate on “Sunshine”
5/19/2013 - PolyOne ColorMatrix Launches Amosorb™ Plus for Improved Clarity and Performance in PET Packaging
5/17/2013 - PolyOne InVisiO℠ Color and Design Services Help Brand Owners Harness the Power of Differentiation
5/15/2013 - PolyOne Corporation Announces Quarterly Dividend
5/15/2013 - PolyOne Shareholders Elect Sandra Beach Lin to Board of Directors, Approve All Proposals Presented at 2013 Annual Meeting
4/23/2013 - PolyOne Introduces New Non-Halogen Flame-Retardant TPEs for Appliance Wire Applications
4/16/2013 - PolyOne Designed Structures and Solutions Showcases Innovation at GlobalShop 2013
3/19/2013 - PolyOne Wilflex Inks Introduces Eco-Conscious Epic™ Top Score Technology for Sports and Fitness Fabrics
3/17/2013 - PolyOne Supports Global Automotive Industry in China and Eastern Europe with New Manufacturing Capabilities in Specialty Slush Molding Formulations
3/13/2013 - PolyOne to Present at the Sidoti and Company 17th Annual Emerging Growth Institutional Investor Forum
3/12/2013 - PolyOne Names Julie A. McAlindon President, Designed Structures and Solutions
3/6/2013 - PolyOne Color Inspiration 2014 Delivers Vision of New Movements in Color
2/27/2013 - PolyOne OnColor Portfolio App for iPad Helps Brand Owners Bring Color to Life
2/12/2013 - PolyOne GLS Showcases Ergonomic Solutions for Medical Devices at MD&M West
1/7/2013 - ColorMatrix Showcases Liquid Color and Additive Technologies at Arabplast 2013
11/26/2012 - PolyOne to Present at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2012 Leveraged Finance Conference
11/15/2012 - PolyOne and DENSO Develop Advanced Automotive System
11/6/2012 - PolyOne Launches 99% Bio-Based reFlex™ 300 Bioplasticizer, Helping Customers Meet Future Sustainability Goals
10/16/2012 - PolyOne Helps ACP Succeed with Advanced Materials for Micro-Potentiometers
10/15/2012 - PolyOne Awarded for Innovation in LED Lighting Applications in China
10/11/2012 - PolyOne Corporation Announces Quarterly Dividend
10/2/2012 - At Fakuma 2012, PolyOne Highlights New Solutions to Help Customers Bid Farewell to Metal
9/26/2012 - PolyOne OnColor™ HC Plus Selected for Cardiac Surgery Device
9/26/2012 - PolyOne Launches Chinese Language Healthcare Web Site During Medtec China 2012
9/25/2012 - PolyOne and Colorant Chromatics Showcase Total Solutions for Wire and Cable Applications at Wire China 2012
9/25/2012 - NEU Specialty Engineered Materials Offers 24-Hour Order Turnaround Service in China
9/25/2012 - Colorant Chromatics Showcases High-Temperature Colorants and Formulations at Wire China 2012
9/13/2012 - PolyOne Expands Innovation Centers for Increased Customer Collaboration and Development
9/10/2012 - New Innovation Center in South Korea Features PolyOne and ColorMatrix Capabilities
8/30/2012 - PolyOne to Present at the Credit Suisse Annual Global Chemicals & Ag Science Conference
8/20/2012 - PolyOne Showcases Specialty Solutions in Brazil During Interplast 2012
8/17/2012 - PolyOne Teams with Industrial Design Students to Create Innovative Concepts for Home Healthcare
6/12/2012 - PolyOne to Sponsor and Chair Bioplastics Conference
4/17/2012 - New PolyOne OnColor™ Fiber Solutions Support Sustainability and Operational Performance in Textile Industry
4/2/2012 - PolyOne Introduces Syncure™ Solar for Photovoltaic
10/13/2011 - PolyOne Showcases Innovative Solutions Portfolio at Fakuma 2011
6/24/2011 - PolyOne to Present at Inaugural Bioplastics Conference
5/11/2011 - Dow and PolyOne Introduce New Generation Impact Modifier for PLA
5/11/2011 - PolyOne Showcases Eco-Conscious Solutions at Interpack 2011
5/9/2011 - PolyOne Showcases ECCOH™ Zero Halogen Wire and Cable Solutions at Brasilplast 2011
5/2/2011 - PolyOne Sponsors, Presents at ANTEC 2011 in Boston
5/2/2011 - New Solutions from PolyOne “Make Innovation Possible” at Chinaplas 2011
4/29/2011 - PolyOne Showcases Antimicrobial Innovations During ANTEC 2011
4/25/2011 - PolyOne Sponsors Leading-Edge Plastics Modification Conference
3/8/2011 - PolyOne to Highlight Sustainable Solutions Portfolio at VDI Automotive Engineering Conference 2011
2/1/2011 - PolyOne to Present at ‘Bioplastics: Reshaping an Industry’ Conference
10/27/2010 - reSound™ Biopolymer Compounds from PolyOne Deliver Performance and Reduce Environmental Impact
10/27/2010 - PolyOne Showcases Expanded Portfolio of High-Performance, USP Class VI Healthcare Solutions at K 2010
10/27/2010 - Metal-Replacement Solution from PolyOne Reduces Carbon Footprint, Improves Efficiency
10/27/2010 - At K 2010, PolyOne Launches Breakthrough Liquid Color Solution in Europe
10/26/2010 - Breakthrough Technologies, Sustainable Solutions from PolyOne to “Make It Possible” at K 2010
10/6/2010 - PolyOne Features Portfolio of Sustainable Polymer Solutions for Automotive at IZB Fair
8/17/2010 - PolyOne Achieves Key Certification for Eco-Friendly Colorants and Additives
5/27/2010 - Innovative PolyOne Solutions to “Make it Possible” at K 2010
4/21/2010 - PolyOne Presents Biopolymer Advances at NatureWorks Innovation Conference
4/19/2010 - PolyOne BPA-Free Trilliant™ HC Specialty Blends Meet Critical Requirements of Medical Devices
4/19/2010 - New Transparent Impact Modifier from PolyOne Expands Potential of PLA Biopolymer
4/8/2010 - PolyOne Showcases Innovative and Sustainable Solutions at Chinaplas 2010
3/15/2010 - PolyOne’s New Sustainable reSound™ Biopolymer Compounds Help Customers Reduce Environmental Impact
3/11/2010 - PolyOne to Highlight Sustainable Solutions at International Home + Housewares Show 2010
3/4/2010 - PolyOne Expands Solutions for Wood Plastic Composites
2/3/2010 - PolyOne To Display Sustainable Solutions at the VDI Plastics in Automotive Engineering Conference
12/2/2009 - PolyOne Continues Expansion in Biopolymers – Joins SPI Bioplastics Council
11/6/2009 - PolyOne to Present Technical Paper on Bio-Renewable GLS TPEs at Thermoplastic Elastomers 2009 Conference in Frankfurt
7/15/2009 - PolyOne’s Breakthrough Technologies, Sustainable Solutions Respond to Customer Demand, Highlight Innovation
6/23/2009 - PolyOne Introduces VERSAFLEX™ BIO TPEs Featuring High Percentage of Renewable Resources
6/23/2009 - PolyOne Introduces reSound™ Durable, Higher-Heat Biopolymer Compounds
6/23/2009 - PolyOne Debuts Next-Generation Color and Additive Solutions for Natural Fiber Composites
4/13/2009 - PolyOne to Present Expanded Portfolio at Elmia Polymer 2009
2/6/2009 - PolyOne’s Non-Phthalate and CPSIA-Compliant Geon™ Compounds Address Toy Safety Concerns
1/12/2009 - PolyOne to Feature Expanded Portfolio at Interplastica 2009
11/7/2008 - PolyOne Issues Sustainability Promise
10/13/2008 - PolyOne Launches OnFlex BIO Series Compounds Based on Natural Renewable Sources
10/9/2008 - PolyOne to Showcase Packaging Solutions at the Salon de l’Emballage 2008
9/22/2008 - Archer Daniels Midland Company and PolyOne Corporation Announce Alliance to Develop Bio-based Plasticizer Technologies
9/9/2008 - PolyOne to Introduce 2010 Color Forecast at HBA Global Expo
8/5/2008 - PolyOne Corporation Announces an Exclusive License Agreement with Battelle for Bio-Plasticizer Technology
7/31/2008 - PolyOne to Feature Expanded Portfolio at Fakuma 2008
6/3/2008 - PolyOne Unveils New Trilliant HC Portfolio of Specialized Materials and Technologies for Healthcare Customers
6/3/2008 - Top Healthcare Manufacturer Selects PolyOne’s Trilliant HC PbF Compound to Replace Lead Shielding for “Greener” CT Scanner
4/25/2008 - PolyOne Introduces New Additives for Biopolymers at Interpack 2008
4/16/2008 - PolyOne Unveils Value-Creating Solutions, Bio-friendly Breakthrough at Chinaplas 2008
4/16/2008 - PolyOne's Biopolymers Help Design Ideas Introduce Its New Bio-Based Bathroom Accessories
9/3/2007 - OnColor™ BIO Colorants Used By Green Toys™
6/4/2007 - PolyOne Introduces New Colorants and Additives for Biodegradable Polymers
5/20/2007 - PolyOne Introduces New Colorants and Additives for Biodegradable Polymers
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