PolyOne Forms Integrated Network of Color Labs, Expands Customer Service

August 29, 2002

CLEVELAND, Aug 29, 2002 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ --

* Network of 11 color labs across the U.S. and Eastern Canada is broadest in plastics industry * New network fully integrated for rapid response and higher-quality products * Avon Lake, Ohio, facility adding specialty color manufacturing with color lab

Corporation (NYSE: POL) has announced the formation of an integrated network of
11 color labs -- the broadest in the plastics industry -- to serve regional
customers across the U.S. and Eastern Canada with color matching, product
development and rapid response. By the end of 2002, PolyOne expects the network
to be fully integrated with SAP software, common guidelines for color
formulation and a common technology for color development.

Also announced today was the expansion of the Avon Lake, Ohio, Center of
Manufacturing Excellence (CME) to include production of specialty color
compounds and masterbatches, supported by a full-service color lab that is part
of the new network.

"We at PolyOne believe that we now have the most color labs in the North
American plastics industry, and that puts us in almost everyone's back yard with
localized customer service," said Lance Mitchell, group vice president of
PolyOne's Plastic Compounds and Colors (PCC) business. "But what is unique is
that all these color labs are being integrated into a single network. They will
share formulation data, color technologies and a common raw material knowledge

"This translates into more than just higher-quality colorant and additive
products," Mitchell said. "It also means that our customers can directly benefit
from rapid, consistent response in color matching and product development
throughout the U.S. and Canada. Global customers can profit, too, from PolyOne's
links with our color services in Europe and Asia. This is what being a leader
means for our customers -- combining local service with the power of an
integrated approach."

Regional Color Labs' Locations

The integrated network of color labs is supported by the more sophisticated
color matching and technical support services of the new PolyOne Solutions
Center in Avon Lake and the Technical Center in Suwanee, Georgia, where much of
PolyOne's color research and development is performed. These centers can produce
actual finished parts for color matching, such as stretch- blow-molded PET
bottles and multi-layer extrusions. Together, the labs and the technical centers
will provide the highest level of field service support for processing needs and

Of the 11 colorant and additive color labs, 10 are located at PolyOne color
CMEs, which offer the further advantage of close proximity to production
services, equipment and technology. Their locations are:

    * Avon Lake, Ohio
    * Elk Grove Village, Illinois
    * Fort Worth, Texas
    * Glendale, Arizona
    * Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania
    * Norwalk, Ohio
    * Seabrook, Texas
    * St. Peters, Missouri
    * St. Remi de Napierville, Quebec
    * Vonore, Tennessee

An 11th color lab location for the U.S. East Coast will be opened this fall in
East Central New Jersey.

Color Labs' Services

PolyOne's color labs already have an established record of leadership in the
industry for delivering quick-turnaround color-matching services, and for
developing new and custom color formulations.

"Customers in packaging, custom molding, extrusion, pipe and fittings, and other
markets will continue to rely on these labs for access to services like
PolyOne's SPEEDeCOLOR(R) color-matching system," said Mitchell. The color labs
use the system to respond to a customer's physical color sample or
spectrophotometric data by providing a color chip and a quote, typically within
24 to 48 hours. "This means that our customers have a competitive advantage from
the resulting increased speed to market," said Mitchell.

"However, our color labs stand out in the plastics industry for the level of
technical expertise and support they provide our customers," said Mitchell. "The
lab managers offer a range of valuable front-line field technical services such
as assistance with color trials, as well as troubleshooting of many processing

The labs also offer some of the most-requested testing procedures for color
concentrates, such as quantification of moisture and melt flow, specific
gravity, and spectrophotometric and light transmission.

New Color CME at Avon Lake

The new Avon Lake color CME will house specialty color concentrate production,
including Freeze-Dri(R), PolyPearl(TM) and dry color, by mid-2003. The
manufacture at the same site of additive and color concentrates, pre-color and
specialty compounds allows materials to be more effectively tailored to
higher-performance custom compounds.

The Avon Lake color CME also will profit from its close proximity both to the
PolyOne Solutions Center for molding compound technology and product development
and to Polymer Diagnostics, Inc. (PDI). A PolyOne business unit, PDI offers a
wide range of testing services, including polymer characterization and
analytical, fire science, physical and weathering testing.

The Triple Crown Initiative

The networking of PolyOne labs is another jewel in Project Triple Crown,
PolyOne's initiative to invest in and reconfigure its manufacturing assets into
CMEs. The project, launched in October 2000, is on track and is largely slated
for completion by the end of 2002. As part of Triple Crown, PolyOne will have
fulfilled its commitment to invest in the substantial upgrade of its
manufacturing network at 22 Centers of Manufacturing Excellence for vinyl,
engineered materials, and colorants and additives. The CMEs are located in the
U.S. and Canada.

The full investment, expected to be approximately $35 million to $40 million
this year and $10 million to $15 million in the first half of 2003, comprises
new manufacturing equipment and processing lines, expanded facilities, new
procedures enlarged warehousing and distribution facilitation, and consolidation
of manufacturing operations into the CMEs. Each is designed to better meet the
needs of customers in its focus area.

Many PolyOne facilities have already undergone expansions and enhancements, and
more than one-third of PolyOne's products have been transferred to new
production facilities. By the end of 2002, most North American CMEs will be
fully operational, with a few sites targeted for completion by the first half of

Customer Inquiries

Customers interested in color matching or new colorant development should
contact their PolyOne sales representative or customer service representative,
or call PolyOne at 1-866-PolyOne.

About PolyOne

PolyOne Corporation, with 2001 revenues of $2.7 billion, is an international
polymer services company with operations in thermoplastic compounds, specialty
resins, specialty polymer formulations, engineered films, color and additive
systems, elastomer compounding and thermoplastic resin distribution.
Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, PolyOne has employees at manufacturing sites
in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, and joint ventures in North
America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Information on the Company's
products and services can be found at www.polyone.com .

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