PolyOne Reports Sales Growth in First-Quarter 2003

April 28, 2003

CLEVELAND, April 29, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) --

 -- Sales improve despite continuing weak economy 
 -- Operating income improves before special items
 -- High energy and rising raw material costs hurt margins as Company
    pursues price increases

PolyOne Corporation (NYSE:POL), a leading global polymer
services company, today reported sales of $645.5 million
for the first quarter ended March 31, 2003, an increase
of $49.2 million, or 8 percent, over the 2002 first quarter.
The Company had a net loss of $19.3 million, or a diluted
loss of $0.21 per share, for the 2003 first quarter compared
with a net loss of $57.3 million, or a diluted loss of $0.64
per share, in the same quarter last year.

The 2003 net loss included special charges associated largely
with previously announced restructuring initiatives, which
totaled $16.2 million after tax, or $0.18 per share. Special
items in the first quarter included costs related to the
elimination of most of approximately 400 staff positions,
as announced on January 14, and the exiting of the Yerington,
Nevada, Engineered Films plant, announced on March 26.

In the 2002 first quarter, the net loss included a charge
related to a change in accounting of $53.7 million and income
from discontinued operations of $0.3 million. Additionally,
$2.3 million of expense for special items was included in
the first-quarter 2002 net loss. A list of all special charges
for the first quarter of 2003 and 2002 and the fourth quarter
of 2002 is in the attached Exhibit 1.

Thomas A. Waltermire, PolyOne chairman and chief executive
officer, said, ``The strategic actions we have taken to consolidate
and modernize North American operations, reduce costs and
upgrade our information systems have started to pay off
but, in the face of economic weakness in the United States
and high energy and raw material costs, we have yet to see
the benefits on our bottom line. Still, our strategies are
working. Our sales are growing as we continue to improve
marketing efforts, complete the restructuring of our North
American manufacturing facilities and focus on our best
opportunities for profitable growth.''

First-Quarter 2003 Business Highlights

The U.S. industrial manufacturing economic index (excluding
high technology) for the first quarter of 2003 was slightly
below the same quarter in 2002. Despite continuing weakness
of the U.S. economy, PolyOne sales increased compared with
the first quarter of 2002.

Overall, Performance Plastics segment sales and shipments
improved 10 percent and 5 percent, respectively, compared
with the year-ago first quarter. The Company noted solid
growth in its Vinyl Compounds and Color and Additives units
during the quarter, reflecting new capabilities to serve
customers more effectively. Both North American and international
sales grew. International shipments, especially in Asia,
were strong, growing 10 percent from the first quarter of
2002, before the benefit of the Transcolor acquisition.
Transcolor, a Spanish color concentrates producer, contributed
$10.4 million to 2003 first-quarter sales, and favorable
currency exchange added $15.4 million.

Operating income in every segment was adversely affected
by higher energy and raw material costs. Vinyl Compounds,
Specialty Resins and Engineered Films operating earnings
experienced margin compression resulting from significantly
higher polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin and vinyl chloride
monomer (VCM) costs in first-quarter 2003 versus the prior-year
quarter. Almost every PolyOne business, however, has or
is in the process of either raising prices or obtaining
surcharges on its products.

The Elastomers and Performance Additives segment achieved
substantial volume growth compared with both the first and
fourth quarters of 2002. Shipments were up 8 percent compared
with first-quarter 2002, but lower average pricing, due
in part to mix factors, resulted in revenues increasing
only 2 percent. Sales and shipments were up 16 percent and
15 percent, respectively, compared with fourth-quarter 2002.
The Company believes that restocking by customers during
the 2003 first quarter was the principal factor in this
sequential sales improvement.

Sales and shipments of the Distribution segment improved
13 percent and 8 percent, respectively, in the quarter compared
with a year ago, due primarily to the ongoing benefits of
the decision last year to add PolyOne's Geon brand vinyl
compounds to the product line, instead of using a third-party

PolyOne's Resin and Intermediates segment, comprised primarily
of the Oxy Vinyls, LP and SunBelt Chlor-Alkali joint ventures,
had a significant turnaround from the same quarter in 2002,
in which it had a $5.3 million operating loss before special
items. In the first quarter of 2003, the segment reported
$4.0 million in operating income before special items, a
result of improved pricing for chlorine and to a lesser
extent caustic soda. Also contributing to OxyVinyls' increased
2003 first-quarter earnings were higher average material
spreads on PVC resin selling prices over ethylene and chlorine
costs, which were partially offset by the substantially
higher cost of natural gas.

The Company has nearly finished eliminating the approximately
400 salaried positions announced in January 2003. This action
is aimed at reducing sales and administrative costs by $30
million to $35 million pre tax annually. In addition, PolyOne
has begun implementing $5 million to $10 million in non-personnel
cost reductions. In combination, these initiatives represent
an important step in the Company's effort to bring the selling
and administrative-to-sales ratio below 10 percent.

Earlier in April, PolyOne announced plans to implement a
comprehensive refinancing program by early May 2003. The
refinancing is expected to provide the necessary liquidity
to repay $87.8 million of senior debt that matures in September
2003, as well as to support normal operations and fund previously
announced restructuring initiatives intended to improve
earnings. The refinancing anticipates the issuance of $250
million in long-term debt; a revised, three-year, $50 million
secured revolving credit facility; and a new, three-year,
$225 million accounts receivable sale facility.

                Summary of First-Quarter 2003 Results
             (Dollars in millions, except per share data)
                                             1Q03     4Q02     1Q02
                                           -------  -------  -------
 Sales                                     $ 645.5  $  80.3  $  96.3

 Operating income (loss)                     (16.2)   (13.4)     4.4
 Net loss                                  $ (19.3) $ (17.5) $ (57.3)
 Loss before discontinued operations and
  cumulative effect of a change in 
  accounting                                 (19.3)   (17.6)    (3.9)
 Loss per share, diluted                   $ (0.21) $ (0.19) $ (0.64)
 Loss per share before discontinued 
  operations and cumulative effect of a 
  change in accounting                       (0.21)   (0.19)   (0.04)
 Per share effect of excluding special
  items, increase                             0.18      0.03    0.03


Despite the Company's sales growth in the first quarter,
the business outlook remains uncertain. North American customer
demand in April appears to be in a holding pattern, showing
no real evidence of an anticipated economic recovery. By
comparison, in the 2002 second quarter, demand growth strengthened
through the quarter as PolyOne reported a sequential sales
increase of 12 percent. PolyOne, however, anticipates that
the typical seasonal demand cycle will result in sequential
second-quarter 2003 volume growth across most of its businesses.

The Company anticipates further benefits in the second quarter
from previously announced programs to reduce costs. In addition,
energy costs are projected to moderate from the 2003 first

The improving chlor-alkali and PVC resin markets should
help increase second-quarter operating income for the Resin
and Intermediates segment by $10 million to $13 million
compared with the 2002 second quarter.

The margin compression realized in the first quarter of
2003 is likely to continue into the second quarter unless
raw material costs moderate or PolyOne realizes selling
price increases. Most PolyOne businesses will continue to
focus on attaining announced price increases.

When PolyOne completes the new refinancing package, net
interest expense in the second quarter of 2003 will increase
an estimated $3 million to $4 million over the first quarter.
PolyOne estimates that special item expense in the second
quarter of 2003 will total between $2 million and $3 million
pre tax. Anticipated special items include ongoing restructuring
initiatives to reduce costs and the write-off of deferred
issuance costs associated with terminated financing facilities.

Taking all these factors into consideration -- including
the uncertain economic recovery, the indefinite magnitude
of product margin recovery, cost savings, improved Resin
and Intermediates performance and higher interest costs
-- the Company projects that second-quarter earnings before
special charges will meet or exceed the 2002 second-quarter
earnings level of $0.06 per share. Correspondingly, PolyOne
expects that EBITDA before special items will show a year-over-year

Waltermire said, ``We will continue to focus on the factors
we can control to strengthen our competitive position and
performance. While reducing costs and increasing productivity
are ongoing efforts, we are pursuing a number of initiatives
to capture growth opportunities, such as the recently announced
alliance with Bayer Polymers to develop and market polyurethane

``We will continue our investments to expand in Asia and
our programs to enhance our product development capabilities
to meet market needs, to grow our North American market
position and to make PolyOne the supplier of choice for
our customers,'' Waltermire concluded.

Supplemental Information

The Company publishes more details of its performance, as
well as information on key drivers of its operating results.
This information will be posted today on its Web site at
http://www.polyone.com in the corporate investor relations section
under the listing ``Supplements.'' The supplemental information
also can be obtained, once available, from the contact listed

Conference Call

PolyOne will host an analyst conference call at 1 p.m. Eastern
time on Friday, May 2, 2003. The conference call number
is 888-489-0038 or 706-643-1611 (international), the conference
I.D. number is 6571725 and the conference topic is ``PolyOne
Earnings Call.'' The call will be broadcast live and then
via replay for two weeks on the Company's Web site: http://www.polyone.com.
In addition, a replay of the call will be accessible by
calling 800-642-1687 or 706-645-9291 (international) between
3 p.m. May 2 and 9 a.m. Wednesday, May 14.

About PolyOne

PolyOne Corporation, with 2002 revenues of $2.5 billion,
is an international polymer services company with operations
in thermoplastic compounds, specialty resins, specialty
polymer formulations, engineered films, color and additive
systems, elastomer compounding and thermoplastic resin distribution.
Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, PolyOne has employees
at manufacturing sites in North America, Europe, Asia and
Australia, and joint ventures in North America, South American,
Europe, Asia and Australia. Information on the Company's
products and services can be found at http://www.polyone.com.

Forward-Looking Statements

In this press release, statements that are not reported
financial results or other historical information are ``forward-looking
statements'' within the meaning of the Private Securities
Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements
give current expectations or forecasts of future events
and are not guarantees of future performance. They are based
on management's expectations that involve a number of business
risks and uncertainties, any of which could cause actual
results to differ materially from those expressed in or
implied by the forward-looking statements. You can identify
these statements by the fact that they do not relate strictly
to historic or current facts. They use words such as ``anticipate,''
``estimate,'' ``expect,'' ``project,'' ``intend,'' ``plan,'' ``believe''
and other words and terms of similar meaning in connection
with any discussion of future operating or financial performance.
In particular, these include statements relating to future
actions; prospective changes in raw material costs, product
pricing or product demand; future performance or results
of current and anticipated market conditions and market
strategies; sales efforts; expenses; the outcome of contingencies
such as legal proceedings; and financial results. Factors
that could cause actual results to differ materially include,
but are not limited to: (1) an inability to achieve or delays
in achieving estimated and actual savings related to restructuring
programs; (2) delays in achieving or inability to achieve
the Company's strategic value capture initiatives, including
cost reduction and employee productivity goals, or achievement
of less than the anticipated financial benefit from the
initiatives; (3) the effect on foreign operations of currency
fluctuations, tariffs, nationalization, exchange controls,
limitations on foreign investment in local businesses and
other political, economic and regulatory risks; (4) changes
in U.S., regional or world polymer and/or rubber consumption
growth rates affecting the Company's markets; (5) changes
in global industry capacity or in the rate at which anticipated
changes in industry capacity come online in the polyvinyl
chloride (PVC), chlor-alkali, vinyl chloride monomer (VCM)
or other industries in which the Company participates; (6)
fluctuations in raw material prices, quality and supply
and in energy prices and supply, in particular fluctuations
outside the normal range of industry cycles; (7) production
outages or material costs associated with scheduled or unscheduled
maintenance programs; (8) costs or difficulties and delays
related to the operation of joint venture entities; (9)
lack of day-to-day operating control, including procurement
of raw materials, of equity or joint venture affiliates;
(10) partial control over investment decisions and dividend
distribution policy of the OxyVinyls partnership and other
minority equity holdings of the Company; (11) an inability
to launch new products and/or services that strategically
fit the Company's businesses; (12) the possibility of goodwill
impairment; (13) an inability to maintain any required licenses
or permits; (14) an inability to comply with any environmental
laws and regulations; (15) a delay or inability to achieve
targeted debt levels through divestitures or other means;
(16) a delay or inability to replace the Company's current
receivables sale facility by June 30, 2003; and (17) a delay
or an inability to complete a new long-term debt refinancing.

We cannot guarantee that any forward-looking statement will
be realized, although we believe we have been prudent in
our plans and assumptions. Achievement of future results
is subject to risks, uncertainties and inaccurate assumptions.
Should known or unknown risks or uncertainties materialize,
or should underlying assumptions prove inaccurate, actual
results could vary materially from those anticipated, estimated
or projected. Investors should bear this in mind as they
consider forward-looking statements.

We undertake no obligation to publicly update forward-looking
statements, whether as a result of new information, future
events or otherwise. You are advised, however, to consult
any further disclosures we make on related subjects in our
Form 10-Q, 8-K and 10-K reports to the Securities and Exchange
Commission. You should understand that it is not possible
to predict or identify all such factors. Consequently, you
should not consider any such list to be a complete set of
all potential risks or uncertainties. (Ref. No. 403)

                 PolyOne Corporation and Subsidiaries
        Condensed Consolidated Statements of Income (Unaudited)
                 (In millions, except per share data)

                                                  Three Months Ended
                                                       March 31,
                                                    2003       2002
                                                 ---------  ---------
 Sales                                             $ 645.5    $ 596.3

 Operating costs and expenses:
 Cost of sales                                       552.1      490.1
 Selling and administrative                           71.8       79.4
 Depreciation and amortization                        18.5       17.8
 Employee separation and plant phase-out              24.9        0.9
 Loss on divestiture of equity investment               --        1.5
 (Income) loss from equity affiliates
   and minority interest                              (5.6)       2.2
                                                 ---------  ---------
 Operating income (loss)                             (16.2)       4.4
 Interest expense                                    (12.5)      (8.5)
 Interest income                                       0.2        0.2
 Other expense, net                                   (3.1)      (2.6)
                                                 ---------  ---------
 Loss before income taxes, discontinued
   operations, and cumulative effect of
   change in accounting method                       (31.6)      (6.5)
 Income tax benefit                                   12.3        2.6
                                                 ---------  ---------

 Loss before discontinued operations and
   cumulative effect of a change in accounting       (19.3)      (3.9)

 Discontinued operations:
  Income from operations and loss on
   sale (net of income taxes)                           --        0.3

 Cumulative effect of a change in goodwill
   accounting, net of income tax benefit
   of $1.0 million                                      --      (53.7)
                                                 ---------  ---------

 Net loss                                          $ (19.3)   $ (57.3)
                                                 =========  =========

 Loss per share of common stock:
  Basic loss per share before discontinued
   operations and effect of change in accounting    $ (.21)    $ (.04)
  Discontinued operations                               --         --
  Cumulative effect of a change in accounting           --     $ (.60)
                                                 ---------  ---------
  Basic loss per share                              $ (.21)    $ (.64)
                                                 =========  =========

  Diluted loss per share before discontinued
   operations and effect of change in accounting    $ (.21)    $ (.04)
  Discontinued operations                               --         --
  Cumulative effect of a change in accounting           --     $ (.60)
                                                 ---------  ---------
     Diluted loss per share                         $ (.21)    $ (.64)
                                                 =========  =========

 Weighted average shares used to compute
  loss per share:
      Basic                                           90.9       90.0
      Diluted                                         90.9       90.0

 Dividends paid per share of common stock             $ --    $ .0625

                PolyOne Corporation and Subsidiaries
           Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheet (Unaudited)
                             (In millions)

                                              March 31,   December 31,
 Assets                                          2003         2002
                                              ----------   ----------
 Current assets:
  Cash and cash equivalents                       $ 50.3       $ 41.4
  Accounts receivable, net                         204.5        164.3
  Inventories                                      289.7        253.7
  Deferred taxes                                    41.9         42.1
  Other current assets                              16.1         12.7
                                              ----------   ----------
    Total current assets                           602.5        514.2
 Property, net                                     672.7        682.1
 Investment in equity affiliates                   256.8        271.8
 Goodwill, net                                     444.1        444.0
 Other intangible assets, net                       31.8         32.8
 Other non-current assets                           51.8         52.6
                                              ----------   ----------
     Total assets                              $ 2,059.7    $ 1,997.5
                                              ==========   ==========

 Liabilities and Shareholders' Equity
 Current liabilities:
  Short-term bank debt                            $ 36.2        $ 0.7
  Accounts payable                                 299.4        242.0
  Accrued expenses                                 138.8        160.2
  Current portion of long-term debt                 91.0         91.0
                                              ----------   ----------
     Total current liabilities                     565.4        493.9
 Long-term debt                                    498.4        492.2
 Deferred taxes                                     23.8         39.0
 Post-retirement benefits other than pensions      123.0        122.5
 Other non-current liabilities,
   including pensions                              267.2        261.2
 Minority interest in consolidated subsidiaries      9.2          9.0
                                              ----------   ----------
     Total liabilities                           1,487.0      1,417.8
 Shareholders' equity:
  Preferred stock                                     --           --
  Common stock                                       1.2          1.2
  Other shareholders' equity                       571.5        578.5
                                              ----------   ----------
    Total shareholders' equity                     572.7        579.7
                                              ----------   ----------
    Total liabilities and
      shareholders' equity                     $ 2,059.7    $ 1,997.5
                                              ==========   ==========

                 PolyOne Corporation and Subsidiaries
       Condensed Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows (Unaudited)
                           (In millions)

                                             Three Months Ended
                                                   March 31,
                                               2003       2002
                                             -------    -------
 Operating Activities
    Net loss                                $ (19.3)    $ (57.3)
     Cumulative effect of a 
      change in accounting                      --        (53.7)
    Income from discontinued 
     operations                                 --          0.3
                                            -------     -------
    Loss from continuing 
     operations                               (19.3)       (3.9)
    Adjustments to reconcile  
     net loss to net cash 
     used by operating activities:
    Employee separation and 
      plant phase-out charges                  24.9         0.9
    Cash payments on employee 
     separation and plant phase-out           (12.0)       (4.0)
    Depreciation and amortization              18.5        17.8
    Unrealized currency (gains) losses         (6.2)        0.8
    Investment write-down and loss 
     on sale of equity affiliate                --          1.5
    Companies carried at equity and 
      minority interest:
      (Income) loss from equity 
        affiliates                             (6.0)        2.0
    Minority interest expense                   0.4         0.2
    Dividends and distributions 
     received                                   1.0         0.3
    Change in assets and liabilities:
    Operating working capital:
    Accounts receivable                       (37.7)      (69.5)
    Inventories                               (34.1)      (16.8)
    Accounts payable                           56.2        22.7
    Accrued expenses and other                (20.3)       17.3
                                            -------     -------
  Net cash used by continuing 
  operations                                  (34.6)      (30.7)
                                            -------     -------

 Investing Activities
   Capital expenditures                        (6.2)      (10.5)
   Return of capital by equity 
    affiliates, net of investment               2.4         0.5
   Business acquired, net 
    of cash received                          (15.8)        --
   Proceeds from sale of assets                22.4         --
                                            -------     -------
 Net cash provided (used) by 
   continuing operations                        2.8       (10.0)
                                            -------     -------

 Financing Activities
  Change in short-term debt                    35.4        49.1
  Change in long-term debt                      6.1        (0.3)
  Proceeds from the exercise 
   of stock options                             --          2.7
  Dividends                                     --         (5.8)
                                            -------     -------
 Net cash provided by 
  continuing operations                        41.5        45.7
                                            -------     -------
 Net cash used by 
  discontinued operations                       --         (0.1)

 Effect of exchange rate 
   changes on cash                             (0.8)       (0.6)
                                            -------     -------
 Increase in cash and 
  cash equivalents                              8.9         4.3

 Cash and cash equivalents at                    
  beginning of period                          41.4        18.2
                                            -------     -------
 Cash and cash equivalents 
  at end of period                          $  50.3     $  22.5
                                            =======     =======

                 Summary of Special Items (Unaudited)
                             (In millions)

                                    1Q03     1Q02      4Q02
                                  -------  -------   -------
 Employee separation and
  plant phase-out costs (a)      $ (24.9)   $ (0.9)  $   --

 Period plant phase-out
   costs incurred (b)               (0.9)     (0.1)     (0.4)
 Equity affiliate - employee 
  severance, liabilities
  associated with the 
  temporary idling of a plant
  and cumulative effect of a 
  change in accounting (c)          (0.8)     (0.7)      --
 Loss on divestiture of 
  equity investment (d)              --       (1.5)     (3.6)
                                 -------   -------   -------
  Subtotal - impact on 
   EBITDA (expense)                (26.6)     (3.2)     (4.0)

 Plant phase-out accelerated 
  depreciation (b)                   --       (0.5)     (0.3)
                                 -------   -------   -------
  Subtotal - impact on 
   operating (expense)             (26.6)     (3.7)     (4.3)

 Investment write-down (e)           --        --       (0.8)
                                 -------   -------   -------
 Total  - impact on pre
   tax (expense)                   (26.6)     (3.7)     (5.1)

 Income tax benefit                 10.4       1.4       2.0
                                 -------   -------   -------
 Total - after tax (expense) 
  before discontinued
  operations and cumulative 
  effect of a change in 
  accounting                     $ (16.2)  $  (2.3)  $  (3.1)
                                 =======   =======   =======

(a) These costs include severance, employee outplacement,
external outplacement consulting, lease termination, facility
closing costs and the write-down of the carrying value of
plants and equipment related to restructuring initiatives.
The 2003 expense relates to the January 16, 2003 announcement
to reduce approximately 400 staff personnel and the March
26, 2003 announcement to exit an Engineering Films plant.
The 2002 expense was associated with the consolidation of
certain activities related to the Formulator operations
in the Performance Plastics business segment.

(b) These are plant and phase-out costs associated with
the 2001 Geon restructuring initiatives that are to be recognized
as period costs versus when the restructuring initiative
was approved. In connection with the acquisition of Hanna
and resulting formation of PolyOne, management developed
several initiatives to capture the strategic value of the
combined former Geon and former Hanna businesses. Included
in the initiatives was the closing of excess manufacturing
capacity of the Elastomers business and establishing centers
of manufacturing excellence within the North American Plastics
Compounds and Colors operations. This resulted in several
announcements in 2001 that former Geon plants and Hanna
plants would be closed. The initiatives also included the
termination of corporate and other positions at Geon and
former Hanna locations. These plans and activities related
to the former Geon plants and personnel were finalized and
approved during 2001.

(c) The 2003 expense relates to the cumulative effect of
a change in accounting upon OxyVinyls adoption of SFAS No.
143 ``Accounting for Asset Retirement Obligations.'' The 2002
costs include PolyOne's share of OxyVinyls employee severance,
plant phase-out costs and liabilities associated with the
temporary idling of a plant in December 2001.

(d) Includes the 2002 first quarter loss on our divestiture
of our 37.4% investment in the PVC resin operations of Australian
Vinyls Corporation and we recognized a loss on the divestiture
of the investment. In December 2002, we recognized an impairment
loss on our investment in Techmer PM, LLC, an unconsolidated
equity affiliate, in connection with a pending sale which
closed in January 2003.

(e) Impairment of a marketable security.

              Business Segment Information (Unaudited)
                           (In millions)

Senior management uses operating income before special items
and EBITDA before special items to assess performance and
allocate resources to business segments. For a reconciliation
from operating income to operating income before special
items to EBITDA before special items and EBITDA to EBITDA
before special items, see the following table. Operating
income before special items and EBITDA before special items
are non-GAAP measures ands should not be considered an alternative
to any other measure of performance in accordance with GAAP.
Senior management presents operating income before special
items and EBITDA before special items when discussing the
results of operations of the business segments because senior
management believes such measures are useful in assessing
the underlying earnings power and operating cash flows of
each business segment. Special items include gains and losses
associated with the specific strategic initiatives such
as restructuring or consolidation of operations, gains and
losses attributable to divestment of joint ventures, and
certain one-time items. Accordingly, senior management believes
that excluding special items provides insight into the underlying
results of operations of each of PolyOne's business segments.
Operating income before special items and EBITDA before
special items may not be comparable to financial performance
measures presented by other companies.

                                       1Q03      1Q02      4Q02
                                     -------   -------   -------
  Performance Plastics              $  447.6  $  406.7  $  396.9
  Elastomers & Additives                94.0      91.7      81.2
  Distribution                         135.9     120.4     125.9
  Resin & Intermediates                   --        --        --
  Other                                (32.0)    (22.5)    (23.7)
                                     --------  --------  --------
                                     $  645.5  $  596.3  $  580.3
                                     ========  ========  ========

 EBITDA before special items:
  Performance Plastics              $   19.5  $   26.7  $    7.1
  Elastomers & Additives                 5.3      5.5        2.3
  Distribution                           3.3      2.1       (0.7)
  Resin & Intermediates                  4.1     (5.3)       3.9
  Other                                 (3.3)    (3.6)      (4.1)
                                    --------  --------  --------
                                    $   28.9  $   25.4  $    8.5
                                    ========  ========  ========

 Operating income
  (loss) before special items:
  Performance Plastics              $    4.8  $   13.3  $   (7.1)
  Elastomers & Additives                 2.2       2.3      (0.3)
  Distribution                           2.9       1.6      (1.1)
  Resin & Intermediates                  4.0      (5.3)     (3.7)
  Other                                 (3.5)     (3.8)     (4.3)
                                    --------  --------  --------
                                    $   10.4  $    8.1  $   (9.1)
                                    ========  ========  ========

   Operating income (loss)          $  (16.2) $    4.4  $  (13.4)
   Special items, expense               26.6       3.7       4.3
                                    --------  --------  --------
    Operating income before 
     special items                      10.4       8.1      (9.1)
    Depreciation and
      amortization                      18.5      17.8      17.9
    Accelerated depreciation
      in special items                    --      (0.5)     (0.3)
                                    --------  --------  --------
      EBITDA before special items   $   28.9  $   25.4  $    8.5
                                    ========  ========  ========

 Loss before discontinued 
  operations and cumulative effect 
  of a change in accounting         $  (19.3) $   (3.9)  $ (17.6)
   Income tax benefit                  (12.3)     (2.6)    (11.8)
   Interest expense, net                12.3       8.3      10.7
   Other expense, net                    3.1       2.6       5.3
   Depreciation and amortization        18.5      17.8      17.9
                                    --------  --------  --------
     EBITDA                              2.3      22.2       4.5
   Impact of special items, expense     26.6       3.2       4.0
                                    --------  --------  --------
     EBITDA before special items    $   28.9  $   25.4  $    8.5
                                    ========  ========  ========

 Note: The "Other" segment primarily consists of the elimination of
       inter-business segment sales profit in inventories and
       unallocated corporate costs.

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