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Maxxam™ HST: Filled Polypropylene with High Strength and High Stiffness

Maxxam HST will help to minimize any warping and distortion in your applications

The Maxxam HST line of filled polypropylene grades provides exceptional levels of strength and stiffness.

Maxxam HST materials are designed for injection molded structural parts with demanding mechanical and thermal property requirements. They also can serve as an integral lightweighting solution by replacing reinforced engineered resins, or when redesigning traditional parts for reduced wall thickness. These lighter weight solutions are an attractive replacement for long glass fiber polypropylene or filled engineering-grade plastics in automotive parts.


  • Chemically coupled
  • High flow grades
  • UV stabilized
  • Available in natural, black & custom colors


名称 分类 描述  
Maxxam™ 聚烯烃化合物 - 处理指南
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Maxxam™ HST - Case Study
Learn how the strength and stiffness of an enhanced polyolefin technology solved structural integrity issue for leading automaker.
Maxxam™ Filled & Reinforced Polyolefins Selection Guide
Explore detailed information on the complete line of filled and reinforced polymer polyolefins for injection molding and blow molding.
Maxxam™ HST - Product Bulletin
Product description, characteristics, resins, fillers, additives, markets and end-use applications