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Responsible Care

The Responsible Care®
Product Safety Code

The Responsible Care Product Safety Code, developed by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and its members, includes a set of 11 Management Practices, through which chemical manufacturers can evaluate, demonstrate and continuously improve their product safety performance, while also making information about chemical products available to the public.

Specifically, the Product Safety Code Management Practices verify that chemical companies do the following:

  • Undertake scientific analyses of their products, and take steps to assure they can be used safely.
  • Enhance cooperation and communications along the chemical value chain, so that chemical producers and the manufacturers, distributors and retailers who use, handle or sell chemicals, work together to improve awareness about the safety and risks of certain chemicals, and how to manage chemicals safety along the value chain.
  • Consider impacts on public health, the environment and overall sustainability as they improve their products or develop new ones.
  • Determine whether the chemicals they make pose risks, based on any new research, how the chemical is used, and whether children and other sensitive groups come into contact with them.
  • Provide the public with access to product safety and stewardship information.
  • Ensure that company senior executives, including the CEO, commit to a culture of product safety and accountability.



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