Sustainability FAQs

When you need help identifying the right, sustainable solution for your application needs, PolyOne can help. We are a global solutions provider with a commitment to sustainability.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers about our sustainability philosophy and practices. If you have a question you don’t see below, e-mail us and we’ll do our best to get you an answer.

What is your definition of sustainability?

At PolyOne, our definition of sustainability is the “Triple Bottom Line” — people, planet, profit. The “Triple Bottom Line” concept suggests that three broad elements—societal, environmental, and financial—need to be in balance for a company to be viable over the long-term. If any element is ignored in favor of short-term results in any other area, the company will suffer long-term consequences. This concept also recognizes that environmentally favorable activities that do not add economic value will not be sustainable. Similarly, economically advantaged actions that do not recognize environmental or societal implications will not be sustainable. Rather than addressing each element independently, all three elements should receive equal consideration and must be strategically aligned and integrated.

How is sustainability changing the business world?

Companies are being held more accountable than ever. It is no longer acceptable to simply “comply” with regulations. Instead, organizations are being challenged to take ownership for their actions, as well as the actions of their suppliers and customers up and down the supply chain. Instead of managing risk and defending their brands, businesses are creating differentiated value through brands recognized as being environmentally and socially aligned. They are also moving beyond compliance reporting and selective, positive communication to acknowledging opportunities for improvement, showing year-over-year progress, and setting long-range, publicly visible goals.

How can customers be sure that PolyOne’s products are safe?

We take our commitment to providing safe products to our customers (and our customers’ customers) very seriously. This is why, when formulating and manufacturing our materials, we use sustainable practices to provide long-term product viability and sound environmental stewardship. Furthermore, this is why we meet or exceed the various material safety data reporting requirements around the world.

How does PolyOne approach the inclusion and handling of raw materials in its products?

At PolyOne, it is the responsibility of each employee to practice responsible and ethical product stewardship on a daily basis. Our business processes are safe for customers, the environment and the public – and we operate in a manner that provides a safe and healthy work environment for employees. We hold ourselves to one consistent standard of ethical conduct on a global basis.

How does PolyOne screen the raw materials it uses in its solutions?

Consistent with our No Surprises Pledge, we have “checks and balances” in place to confirm our materials contain only ingredients that conform to accepted legal and regulatory compliance guidelines. For example, raw materials are reviewed for chemical inventory compliance in the country of use. Likewise, each facility evaluates new chemicals to provide for safe use and handling.

How stringently do you comply with accepted industry standards and regulatory guidelines?

Very stringently. We go to great lengths to conduct our business to comply with customer requirements, applicable regulatory requirements and industry standards – and act in a responsible manner to protect our employees, customers and the communities in which we operate.


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