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Faux Stone - Aquamix for Molds 
Aquamix™ LTX Natural Rubber Latex 

PolyOne offers a full line of customizable Natural Latex and Synthetic (Neoprene) Latex formulations for your spraying, dipping, brushing, casting, and molding applications. Using years of customization and technical expertise, Aquamix LTX Performance Latex series formulations solve tomorrow’s problems before you begin. Shorten your development cycles, streamline your operations, and use your resources more effectively after consulting with our knowledgeable sales and technical staff. For manufacturers and producers that need to work better and faster, proprietary Aquamix LTX custom formulations are our business-as-usual solutions.

To bring timely and practical solutions to your unique application, PolyOne provides custom latex formulations to meet your flexibility, resiliency, rigidity, hardness, viscosity, and color characteristics. Through comprehensive material development and manufacturing support we can meet your unique business needs.

Aquamix LTX custom formulations are ideal for a wide variety of applications:

Natural Latex

  • Dipping Latex Catheters
  • Medical dip articles
  • Casting Latex Doll bodies
  • Stone molding, cast stone, stone veneers
  • Foam Latex Ink rollers
  • Strat pads for musical instruments
  • Masking Latex Masking of electronic circuit boards
  • Non-copper-staining applications

Synthetic Latex

  • Neoprene Dipping Latex Oil-resistant applications
  • Dip articles where natural latex is not desired
  • Photo Album Latex Photo album adhesive
  • Carpet Backing Latex Backing for various grades of fiber in carpet backing

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