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Geon™ Non-Phthalate Vinyl Plastisols 

Geon™ Non-Phthalate Vinyl Plastisols are formulated to customer requirements and processes providing a wide range of properties and performance characteristics from dispersions of vinyl resin or combination of resins and additives in a plasticizing liquid that form a liquid compound without using phthalate-based plasticizers. 

Need to do phthalate or lead content testing?

Polymer Diagnostics Incorporated (a wholly owned subsidiary of PolyOne), is a full service polymer testing facility that can support your phthalate and lead testing needs.  PDI also offers a complete range of additional polymer testing and analytical services.  Please visit their web site for more information. www.polymerdiagnostics.com

Looking for a CPSIA-compliant plastisol?

In addition to our Geon™ Non-Phthalate Vinyl Plastisols, PolyOne's Performance Products & Solutions Specialty Coatings business has a complete line of Geon™ CPSIA-Compliant Vinyl Plastisols for applications which require a CPSIA-compliant solution.  Click here to learn more.


Marketing Literature

 Program Bulletin: Geon™ Non-Phthalate & CPSIA-Compliant Vinyl Plastisols.pdf

 Toys, Phthalates and Lead - PolyOne's Solutions for CPSIA.pdf


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