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Careers at PolyOne 

PolyOne Corporation (NYSE: POL) is a leading global provider of specialized polymer materials, services and solutions.  Headquartered in Ohio, USA, PolyOne has operations in North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

PolyOne serves more than 10,000 customers across the globe and offers more than 35,000 polymer solutions. The company has more than 5,000 employees worldwide located in more than 60 manufacturing and warehouse facilities, over a dozen labs and technical centers, and sales and service locations on five continents.

PolyOne's Strategy is centered on four principles:

  • Specialization
  • Globalization
  • Operational Excellence
  • Commercial Excellence

This approach creates a unique set of unparalleled solutions for our customers across the globe.  Our clear strategy provides all our employees the means to succeed and reward those who demonstrate outstanding performance and commitment to our goals.

It is an exciting time to join the PolyOne team.  To express your interest in being part of this growing team, we invite you to explore current job openings by selecting a region below.


For careers in the United States, visit our online career portal. 

For all other regions, please use the contact list below.

collapse Asia
China (中国): Chung Fook-Mun (钟福文), Fookmun.Chung@PolyOne.com
India: Radha Bhide, Radha.Bhide@PolyOne.com
Singapore (新加坡): Chung Fook-Mun (钟福文), Fookmun.Chung@PolyOne.com
Thailand(泰国): Boonsuya Sakchai, Boonsuya.Sakchai@Polyone.com
collapse Canada
Canada: Genevieve Machin, Genevieve.Machin@PolyOne.com
collapse Europe
Belgium: Dominique Bourguignon, Dominique.Bourguignon@PolyOne.com
Czech Republic: Katharina Koehler, Katharina.Koehler@polyone.com
France: Patricia Bessette, Patricia.Bessette@PolyOne.com
Germany (Color & LSFOH): Anna-Katharina Koehler, Katharina.Koehler@PolyOne.com
Germany (EM): Pia Everest, Pia.Everest@PolyOne.com
Hungary: Michael Wynn, Michael.Wynn@polyone.com
Italy: Marcella Silveri, Marcella.Silveri@PolyOne.com
Luxemborg: Dominique Bourguignon, Dominique.Bourguignon@polyone.com
Poland: Zaneta Potoczny, Zaneta.Potoczny@PolyOne.com
Spain: Jose Bareche, Jose.Bareche@PolyOne.com
Sweden: Guy Katsers, Guy.Katsers@PolyOne.com
Turkey: Atilla Mustafa Mert, Atilla.Mert@PolyOne.com
United Kingdom (Except ColorMatrix): Patricia Bessette, Patricia.Bessette@polyone.com
collapse Mexico
Mexico: Julieta Heredia, Julieta.Heredia@PolyOne.com
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