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Non-Halogenated FR 

PolyOne offers a wide range of non-halogenated flame retardant compounds manufactured from a variety of thermoplastic resins, including polyamide/nylon (PA), polycarbonate (PC), and polycarbonate/ABS (PC/ABS) blends.  These materials are an excellent alternative to halogenated compounds in electrical and electronic applications that require flame retardant performance.

Listed below are some of PolyOne’s non-halogenated flame retardant compounds, including links to technical data sheets and UL file numbers.  For additional information, please click on Contact Us to locate the customer service representative closest to you.

TradenameProductDescriptionUL FileTDS
collapse Nylon 6
BergamidB650 G/MI 20 UFPolyamide 6, 20% Glass/Mineral ReinforcedE76261TDS
BergamidB70 MI 10 UFPolyamide 6, 10% Mineral ReinforcedE76261TDS
BergamidB700 G20 H UFPolyamide 6, 20% Glass Fiber ReinforcedE76261TDS
BergamidB700 MI 30 H UFPolyamide 6, 30% Mineral ReinforcedE76261
BergamidB700 UFPolyamide 6E76261TDS
EdgetekXP030139 NY-000/000 NH FR V0 BlackPolyamide 6E207815
collapse Nylon 66
Bergamid6615046 A700 G15 HWUF GN046Polyamide 66, 15% Glass Fiber ReinforcedE76261
Bergamid6615046 A700 G15 HWUF GR049Polyamide 66, 15% Glass Fiber ReinforcedE76261
BergamidA700 G15 HW UFPolyamide 66, 15% Glass Fiber ReinforcedE76261TDS
BergamidA700 G20 HW UFPolyamide 66, 20% Glass Fiber ReinforcedE76261TDS
BergamidA700 G20 UFPolyamide 66, 20% Glass Fiber ReinforcedE76261TDS
BergamidA700 G25 HW UFPolyamide 66, 25% Glass Fiber ReinforcedE76261TDS
BergamidA700 MI/G30 UFPolyamide 66, 30% Mineral/Glass ReinforcedE76261
collapse Nylon 66/6
BergamidAB700 UFPolyamide 66/6 CopolymerE76261TDS
BergamidAB700 UF SOPolyamide 66/6 CopolymerE76261TDS
collapse PC
Edgetek3244005 PC-20CF/000 FR V0 BlackPolycarbonate, 20% Carbon Fiber ReinforcedE41877
EdgetekPC-20GF/000 NH FR V0 BlackPolycarbonate, 20% Glass Fiber ReinforcedE41877TDS
EdgetekXP100464 PC-10GF-10CF/000 FR BlackPolycarbonate, 10% Glass Fiber Reinforced, 10% Carbon Fiber ReinforcedE207815
EdgetekXP100469 PC-08CF/000 FR NH BlackPolycarbonate, 8% Carbon Fiber ReinforcedE41877
EdgetekXP100501 PC-20CF/000 FR V0 BlackPolycarbonate, 20% Carbon Fiber ReinforcedE41877
EdgetekXP100546 PC-15SS/000 FR BlackPolycarbonate, 15% Stainless Steel ReinforcedE207815
EdgetekXP100613 PC-10CF/000 FR V0 BlackPolycarbonate, 10% Carbon Fiber ReinforcedE41877
EdgetekXP100642 PC-10GF/000 FR V0 BlackPolycarbonate, 10% Glass Fiber ReinforcedE41877
collapse PC/ABS
EdgetekCY-1000 UV FR V0Polycarbonate / Acrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneE41877TDS
collapse Polyolefin
ECCOHVarious productsVarious Polyolefins available - visit LSFOH for more info
collapse TPE
OnFlexOnFlex-S HF 50A-3S1981Styrenic Thermoplastic ElastomerTDS
OnFlexOnFlex-S HF 55A-3S2003Styrenic Thermoplastic ElastomerTDS
OnFlexOnFlex-S HF 60A-3S1982Styrenic Thermoplastic ElastomerTDS
OnFlexOnFlex-S HF 65A-3S1983Styrenic Thermoplastic ElastomerTDS
OnFlexOnFlex-S HF 70A-3S1984Styrenic Thermoplastic ElastomerTDS
OnFlexOnFlex-S HF 75A-3S1985Styrenic Thermoplastic ElastomerTDS
OnFlexOnFlex-S HF 80A-3S1986Styrenic Thermoplastic ElastomerTDS
OnFlexOnFlex-S HF 85A-3S1987Styrenic Thermoplastic ElastomerTDS
OnFlexOnFlex-S HF 90A-3S1988Styrenic Thermoplastic ElastomerTDS
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