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September 28, 2015
PolyOne Provides New Twist for Aluminum Cap Liners with Low-Migration TPE Technology at Pack Expo 2015
September 28, 2015
PolyOne Features Innovative Packaging Technologies and Inspiration at PACK EXPO 2015
September 03, 2015
PolyOne Recognized Among NorthCoast 99 Best Workplaces
August 18, 2015
PolyOne Announces Further Investments to Integrate, Improve and Grow Designed Structures and Solutions
August 07, 2015
PolyOne Natural Fiber Materials and Metal Replacement Solutions Featured at Fakuma 2015
August 03, 2015
PolyOne Enables the Next Generation Wearable Phone & Locator for Kids by Filip Technologies

 PolyOne in the News - Recent Headlines

Publication  News Article
 Plastics TechnologyNew PVC Resins Are Better Problems Solvers for Plastisols
 Plastics NewsPolyOne boosting presence in Brazil, S. America
 Modern Plastics WorldwidePlastic compounds target lead in radiaton shielding
 Omnexus E-NewsletterPolyOne Partners Siemens to Create Non-lead Radiation Shielding Components for CT Scanners
 Modern Plastics WorldwidePolyOne adds healthcare distribution business in China
 Plastics NewsPolyOne launching Shanghai distribution site
 Plastics NewsDow and PolyOne introduce PLA masterbatches
 TPE MagazineBPA-free TPEs for overmolding applications
 R&D MagPolyOne Showcases Antimicrobial Additives for Plastics at ANTEC
 Plastics NewsPolyOne shows off latest innovation center
 China Chemical ReporterPolyOne Introduces Versaflex FFC, Fatty Food Contact Performance
 Plastics TechnologyNew PVC Resins Are 'Better Problem Solvers' for Plastisols
 Omnexus E-NewsletterComposite Lumber-Wood & Natural-fiber Composites at Work in Building & Construction
 European Plastic Product ManufacturerAdditive Increases Quality in Polyolefin Packaging Films
 Plastics NewsNew SPE President Russell Broome touts youth movement
 International Trade Fair No. 1 for Plastics and Rubber WorldwideMaterial Thoughts: PolyOne in packaging, Victrex in Japan, Evonik in Europe, PP vs. PVC and bioplastics in TPVs
 Design WorldPolyOne Unveils Advanced Innovation Center
 The Chronicle-TelegramAvon Lake's PolyOne unveils new $3 million center
 Omnexus E-NewsletterPolyOne Exhibited TPE-based Versalloy™ HC Grade for Medical Devices at Brasilplast 2011
 Omnexus E-NewsletterPolyOne Exhibited Exceptional Polymer Solutions for Wire & Cable Industry at Interwire 2011
 Omnexus E-NewsletterPolyOne to Exhibit Innovative Technologies for Improving Operating Efficiency at Chinaplas 2011
 Omnexus E-NewsletterPolyOne Presents Geon™ FIT Resins to Improve Rheological Characteristics

 New Literature and Brochures

TitleBusiness Groups
About us 2014
FAQs for PolyOne GHS Requirements
Case Study: Automotive - Tesla Model SColor & Additives;Distribution
Case Study: EM - Railway Data CablesSpecialty Engineered Materials
Processing Guide: reSound NH FR Biopolymer CompoundsSpecialty Engineered Materials
About Us 2013Corporate
Case Study: Geon Vinyl - Air Conditioner Panels
Case Study: Geon Surge SuppressorGeon Performance Materials
Industry Overview: Specialty Wire and CableLSFOH;Thermoplastic Elastomers;Specialty Engineered Materials
Global Specialty Engineered Materials Healthcare Industry BulletinSpecialty Engineered Materials;Thermoplastic Elastomers
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 Product Photo Gallery

Pkg0001.jpgAntifog Additive for food packaging film 3,414x3,414 (2.50 MB)
Pkg0002.jpgBall Corporation Resealable End (BRE) can closure2,534x3,330 (12.19 MB)
Pkg0003.jpgRecycle Bag - Blue2,048x2,048 (1.31 MB)
Pkg0004.jpgFood Wrap2,048x2,048 (1.23 MB)
Pkg0005.jpgPlister Pak2,550x2,550 (2.49 MB)
Pkg0006.jpgMilk Jug and Glass3,567x2,796 (2.17 MB)
Pkg0007.jpgBottles and Caps2,048x2,048 (1.76 MB)
Pkg0008.jpgBottle Collage2,000x1,312 (0.25 MB)
Pkg0009.jpgAoki Stretch Blow Molding Machine1,312x2,000 (0.45 MB)
Pkg0010.jpgAoki Stretch Blow Molding Machine1,312x2,000 (0.35 MB)
Pkg0011.jpgAoki Stretch Blow Molding Machine1,312x2,000 (0.39 MB)
Pkg0012.jpgFilm Product Collage3,072x3,072 (1.47 MB)
Pkg0013.jpgRoll of Paper Towels3,072x3,072 (0.99 MB)
Pkg0014.jpgPackage of Apples3,072x3,072 (1.11 MB)
Pkg0015.JPGColor Packaging3,072x3,072 (2.13 MB)
Pkg0016.jpgPET Bottles3,072x3,072 (1.61 MB)
Pkg0017.jpgBottles3,072x3,072 (0.99 MB)
Pkg0018.jpgPET Bottles3,072x3,072 (0.92 MB)
Pkg0019.jpgMassilon StanTone Finished Goods4,016x2,616 (1.55 MB)
Pkg0020.jpgBottles2,840x3,932 (0.74 MB)
Pkg0021.jpgBio-Bottles4,519x4,519 (2.37 MB)
Pkg0022.jpgPearl Bottles3,012x3,012 (2.85 MB)
Pkg0023.jpgWine Corks - Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)4,664x3,436 (3.07 MB)
Pkg0024.jpgPolyOne Colorants - GLS TPE's - Used with BPA-Free Tritan from Eastman4,384x5,069 (8.48 MB)
Pkg0025.jpgKautex bottle1,092x1,461 (0.12 MB)
Pkg0026.jpgMiscellaneous Bottle Collection3,414x3,414 (4.45 MB)
Pkg0027.jpgOnColor Complete1,024x755 (0.06 MB)
Pkg0028.jpgPeach concept bottle - press release2,002x2,679 (1.66 MB)
Pkg0029.JPGPlanetPak Customized Pallet640x425 (0.16 MB)
Pkg0030.JPGPlanetPak Packaging System1,024x1,542 (0.65 MB)
Pkg0031.JPGOnCap Light Shield2,721x1,806 (2.20 MB)
Pkg0032.pngFlexCart latest generation liquid dosing system from ColorMatrix1,878x2,845 (4.24 MB)
Pkg0033.jpgCMG3000 Controller for ColorMatrix Dosing Systems3,457x3,994 (2.68 MB)
Pkg0034.jpgInVisiO℠ 1,345x436 (0.30 MB)
Pkg0035.jpgPercept Authentication Technologies1,698x1,131 (1.11 MB)
Pkg0036.jpgPreform infra-red heat absorption1,936x2,770 (1.24 MB)
Pkg0037.jpgPlanetPak™ Delivery System 2,000x1,908 (4.96 MB)
Pkg0038.jpgPkg00385,683x2,295 (3.02 MB)
PKG0039.jpgInVisiO(SM) color collection2,000x1,497 (3.00 MB)
PKG0040.jpgConcept Packaging for Mascara Wand1,920x1,080 (0.13 MB)
PKG0041.jpgPack Expo solutions collage1,379x1,347 (0.82 MB)
App0001.jpgDish Drain Rack- Plastisol Coated3,072x3,072 (1.41 MB)
App0002.jpgDishwasher and Other Plastic Items3,997x3,997 (20.17 MB)
App0004.jpgGeon VInyl Metallics in Appliance Console5,974x4,302 (1.47 MB)
App0005.jpgGrille for outdoor AC unit1,461x1,092 (0.21 MB)
expandBuilding & Construction
BC0001.jpgPVC Pipe Fittings3,496x4,426 (3.20 MB)
BC0002.jpgFlooring2,048x2,048 (1.34 MB)
BC0003.jpgPVC Pipe Fitting Bolt/Cap2,048x2,048 (1.01 MB)
BC0004.jpgAir Pump Handles2,048x2,048 (0.83 MB)
BC0005.jpgWhite Stairwell Posts2,048x2,048 (0.86 MB)
BC0006.jpgMiscellaneous Extruded Profiles2,048x2,048 (0.47 MB)
BC0007.jpgLarge Pipe4,710x3,274 (5.80 MB)
BC0008.jpgFencing, Horse4,380x3,450 (4.06 MB)
BC0009.jpgWhite Fencing Application4,438x3,492 (3.42 MB)
BC0010.jpgSiding with Woodgrain4,378x3,463 (3.85 MB)
BC0011.jpgSheet of Siding, Side View2,048x2,048 (1.17 MB)
BC0012.jpgMulti-Colored Sheets of Siding2,048x2,048 (0.82 MB)
BC0013.jpgSiding, Woodgrain Panel2,048x2,048 (0.86 MB)
BC0014.jpgFull Frame Window3,491x4,407 (2.50 MB)
BC0015.jpgTall Window3,515x4,429 (5.29 MB)
BC0016.jpgSky Light Window3,476x4,452 (6.71 MB)
BC0017.jpgDrain Part2,048x2,048 (0.70 MB)
BC0018.jpgPipes, Tubes2,048x2,048 (0.97 MB)
BC0019.jpgWallpaper Rolls2,048x2,048 (2.72 MB)
BC0020.jpgWindow Profile Cross Section2,048x2,048 (0.50 MB)
BC0021.jpgWindow Profiles3,699x4,573 (3.83 MB)
BC0022.jpgWindow Profile Cross Section2,048x2,048 (0.91 MB)
BC0023.jpgDoor Jam and Door2,048x2,048 (0.94 MB)
BC0024.jpgScreen Door2,048x2,048 (1.77 MB)
BC0025.jpgHousing Door Screen1,723x2,014 (1.00 MB)
BC0026.jpgDouble Hung Window1,800x2,928 (0.72 MB)
BC0027.jpgPlastic Plumbing Joints2,772x2,204 (1.04 MB)
BC0028.jpgVinyl Raceway, Track2,731x2,731 (0.86 MB)
BC0029.jpgVinyl Raceway, Track2,731x2,731 (0.84 MB)
BC0030.jpgUnder Raceway Mounting Paned Extrusion Product4,520x3,556 (8.50 MB)
BC0031.jpgPlastic Pipe Connectors3,496x4,426 (5.88 MB)
BC0032.jpgExtruded Profiles2,048x2,048 (0.74 MB)
BC0033.jpgExtruded Profiles4,096x4,096 (3.90 MB)
BC0034.jpgMolded Fence End Caps2,048x2,048 (0.59 MB)
BC0035.jpgGarden Edging2,048x2,048 (1.80 MB)
BC0036.jpgPool Vinyl2,048x2,048 (0.81 MB)
BC0037.jpgPool Vinyl2,048x2,048 (0.80 MB)
BC0038.jpgRailing Spindle2,048x2,048 (0.53 MB)
BC0039.jpgClose View of White Stairwell Posts Ends2,048x2,048 (0.45 MB)
BC0040.jpgConduit2,048x2,048 (0.65 MB)
BC0041.jpgCellular Latice2,048x2,048 (0.92 MB)
BC0042.jpgValve2,048x2,048 (0.67 MB)
BC0043.jpgVent for Glass Block3,072x3,072 (0.80 MB)
BC0044.jpgWindow Jabliner3,072x3,072 (0.77 MB)
BC0045.jpgFittings Product Collage3,072x3,072 (0.77 MB)
BC0046.jpgLSFOH Electrical Conduit (Low Smoke and Fume, Free of Halogen)3,072x3,072 (0.96 MB)
BC0047.jpgRailing System3,072x3,072 (0.76 MB)
BC0048.jpgCPVC Pipes3,880x4,820 (1.98 MB)
BC0049.jpgExcelite™ Profiles2,480x1,857 (3.04 MB)
BC0050.jpgExcelite™ Trimboard2,480x1,857 (2.86 MB)
BC0058.jpg2,400x1,597 (3.42 MB)
Consumer0044.jpgColorMatrix™ Select color development cell1,780x1,556 (0.86 MB)
Consumer0045.jpgTenPoint Crossbow7,036x5,252 (13.84 MB)
Consumer0046.jpgPolyCase Ammunition807x768 (0.15 MB)
Geon BIO Kamik rain boot.jpg1,500x1,744 (2.76 MB)
WO Design 3.jpgWO Design Dog Toy1,234x699 (0.30 MB)
expandElectrical & Electronics
EE0001.jpgMicro-potentiometers1,003x674 (0.17 MB)
EE0002.jpgEdgetek AM circuit breaker2,141x1,600 (0.19 MB)
EE0003.jpgLong-Life, Non-Appearance Electrical Outlets2,550x2,550 (2.18 MB)
EE0004.jpgGeon Smart Hero light1,386x1,040 (0.12 MB)
EE0005.jpgStatic-Dissipative Electronics Tote Bin4,419x3,494 (3.37 MB)
EE0006.jpgExit Sign2,048x2,048 (0.56 MB)
EE0007.jpgElectrical Box2,048x2,048 (1.01 MB)
EE0008.jpgFloor Mounted Connector2,048x2,048 (2.15 MB)
EE0009.jpgTelecommunications Connector2,048x2,048 (0.90 MB)
EE0010.jpgOutlet Box2,048x2,048 (0.50 MB)
EE0011.jpgWafer Carrier3,072x3,072 (1.76 MB)
EE0012.jpgMotor Housing3,072x3,072 (1.00 MB)
EE0013.jpgMiscellaneous Electrical Parts4,096x4,096 (3.38 MB)
EE0014.jpgPolyOne Engineered Materials - Avon Lake Plant 11,029x684 (0.17 MB)
EE0015.jpgPolyOne Engineered Materials - Avon Lake Plant 21,029x684 (0.23 MB)
EE0016.jpgWhite Electrical Outlet Boxes2,499x2,499 (1.29 MB)
EE0017.jpgnext generation LED light bulb ©iStockphoto.com/PolyOne4,288x2,848 (4.02 MB)
EE0018.jpgreSound mobile phone cover1,226x1,024 (0.17 MB)
EE0019.jpg©iStockphoto.com/PolyOne, Stat-Tech NT3,008x2,008 (2.17 MB)
EE0020.jpgTherma-Tech for solid state LEDs1,092x1,461 (0.27 MB)
EE0021.jpgXD Design Sunshine Solar Charger with reSound™ 2,953x2,953 (2.97 MB)
EE0022.jpgConcept design for a "smart" watch2,000x1,168 (0.43 MB)
EE0023.jpgConcept Smartwatch on Man's Wrist849x565 (0.26 MB)
EE0024.jpgBergamid new UL Certification/ © iStockphoto.com1,132x1,696 (2.01 MB)
EE0025.jpgFiLIP Smart Locator and Phone for Kids1,000x1,000 (0.33 MB)
EE0026.jpgMobiya TS120S4,896x3,672 (3.54 MB)
EE0027.jpgVersaflex VDT for overmolding developed for vibration and impact damping 1,697x1,131 (0.24 MB)
EE0028.jpgFiLIP Smart Locator and Phone for Kids2,322x642 (0.60 MB)
LED heat sink molded from 3D printed inserts.jpg3,648x2,736 (3.25 MB)
Schneider Multifix airtight electrical fixtures.jpgSchneider Multifix airtight electrical fixtures3,000x3,000 (0.43 MB)
watchOV 134.jpgConcept design for "smart" watch836x992 (0.30 MB)
HC0001.jpgCIMZIA Syringe3,250x5,748 (3.77 MB)
HC0002.jpgCIMZIA® prefilled syringe, designed by OXO 3,136x4,571 (0.56 MB)
HC0003.JPGBranam1,444x1,004 (0.51 MB)
HC0004.jpgBranam lo res477x331 (0.08 MB)
HC0005.jpgGenesis Welding1,092x1,461 (0.17 MB)
HC0006.jpgGLS TPE Medical Tubing at MDM West 20093,888x2,592 (4.01 MB)
HC0007.jpgMedical IV Bag and Glove, Composite2,048x2,048 (1.85 MB)
HC0008.jpgIV Bags2,730x2,730 (2.59 MB)
HC0009.jpgMedical Tubes, Tubing2,048x2,048 (1.09 MB)
HC0010.jpgMedical Composite: Tubes, Mask, Valve2,730x2,730 (1.83 MB)
HC0011.jpgHand Rail2,048x2,048 (0.59 MB)
HC0012.jpgTubing2,048x2,048 (1.87 MB)
HC0013.jpgIV Drip Bags3,933x3,967 (6.95 MB)
HC0014.jpgMiscellaneous Fittings2,048x2,048 (0.96 MB)
HC0015.jpgOxygen Masks2,048x2,048 (0.62 MB)
HC0016.jpgSyringe3,072x3,072 (0.66 MB)
HC0017.jpgPharma Packaging4,290x4,050 (1.41 MB)
HC0018.jpgPharma Packaging3,704x4,000 (1.21 MB)
HC0019.jpgWheelchair Wheel4,208x4,056 (2.44 MB)
HC0020.jpgInhaler Device3,040x3,040 (1.85 MB)
HC0021.jpgPlastic Adhesive Bandage4,341x3,805 (3.47 MB)
HC0022.jpgOperating room1,698x1,131 (2.01 MB)
HC0023.jpgPolyOne Healthcare Solutions website1,800x1,200 (1.15 MB)
HC0024.jpgMedical tubing lo res478x309 (0.07 MB)
HC0025.jpgOnColor HC Plus1,698x1,131 (1.99 MB)
HC0026.JPGPolyzen Medical Waste Bag945x1,407 (0.07 MB)
HC0027.jpgSmartbatch™ HC Protected by WithStand™ Technology1,132x1,696 (0.90 MB)
HC0028.jpgMedical TPE Tubing1,540x1,500 (0.17 MB)
HC0029.jpgTransparent OnColor HC Plus1,800x1,200 (1.06 MB)
HC0030.jpgTrilliant CT Scanner radiation shielding component1,800x1,350 (1.01 MB)
HC0031.JPGTrilliant HC in CT Scanner1,378x1,716 (0.69 MB)
HC0032.jpgVersaflex HC MT Tubing784x914 (0.14 MB)
HC0033.jpgBetterBear concept design2,563x1,341 (0.77 MB)
HC0034.jpgBetterBear concept design2,400x1,183 (0.51 MB)
HC0035.jpgGo-Let concept design1,096x2,717 (0.55 MB)
HC0036.jpg2,400x2,222 (0.77 MB)
HC0037.jpgReFit concept design3,400x2,200 (0.35 MB)
HC0038.jpgReFit concept design2,400x1,553 (0.42 MB)
HC0039.jpgSuture Sizer1,148x865 (0.08 MB)
HC0040.jpgPhilips Sealing Disc2,930x2,296 (0.86 MB)
Fakuma 2014.jpg2,953x2,362 (2.80 MB)
Franklin Electric pump 2.jpg1,486x3,688 (1.22 MB)
Franklin Electric pump.jpeg2,000x2,228 (1.91 MB)
GEM samples at Materiautech.jPGPolyOne cooperates with Materiautech_GEM samples in Lyon4,288x2,848 (3.01 MB)
Ind0001.jpgPlant Silo, Manufacturing3,190x4,775 (7.44 MB)
Ind0002.jpgPlant, Aerial Shot, Manufacturing3,888x3,915 (5.05 MB)
Ind0003.jpgInside Plant, Gaylord Box and Bag3,880x3,918 (4.14 MB)
Ind0004.jpgWarehouse with Rows of Gaylord Boxes3,894x3,921 (4.07 MB)
Ind0005.jpgFilling Gaylord with Pellets3,888x3,922 (6.13 MB)
Ind0006.jpgTest Tube with Pellets and Cubes3,644x3,231 (1.02 MB)
Ind0007.jpgOrange Plastic Pellets2,048x2,048 (0.99 MB)
Ind0008.jpgOrange and Clear Plastic Pellets2,048x2,048 (1.08 MB)
Ind0009.jpgYellow Plastic Pellets2,048x2,048 (0.86 MB)
Ind0010.jpgPurple Plastic Pellets2,048x2,048 (1.25 MB)
Ind0011.jpgBlue Plastic Pellets2,048x2,048 (1.02 MB)
Ind0012.jpgWhite Plastic Pellets2,048x2,048 (0.65 MB)
Ind0013.jpgMulti-Color Pellets3,414x3,414 (2.69 MB)
Ind0014.jpgResin2,048x2,048 (1.71 MB)
Ind0015.jpgResin and Pellets and Cubes2,048x2,048 (1.67 MB)
Ind0016.jpgGrey Plastic Pellets2,048x2,048 (0.88 MB)
Ind0017.jpgWhite Plastic Pellets2,550x2,550 (2.64 MB)
Ind0018.jpgDeck Plank2,048x2,048 (0.81 MB)
Ind0019.jpgPurge Compound3,072x3,072 (7.52 MB)
Ind0020.jpgColor Concentrate3,072x3,072 (3.53 MB)
Ind0021.jpgSuper Sacks of PVC Resin2,008x1,631 (0.59 MB)
Ind0022.jpgRed, Green and Blue Plastic Pellets3,072x3,072 (1.72 MB)
Ind0023.jpgAoki Stretch Blow Molding Machine3,072x3,072 (1.46 MB)
Ind0024.jpgBlack Plastic Pellets3,072x3,072 (2.32 MB)
Ind0025.jpgWhite Plastic Pellets3,072x3,072 (1.16 MB)
Ind0026.jpgMassilon StanTone Production Line4,016x2,616 (2.42 MB)
Ind0027.jpgMassilon QC Laboratory4,016x2,616 (2.14 MB)
Ind0028.jpgGlass-Reinforced Nylon - Under Hood - Automotive4,636x3,782 (3.98 MB)
Ind0029.jpgJonesZylon Serving Trays1,461x1,092 (0.12 MB)
Ind0030.jpgOnColor Complete Liquid Color Solutions - Press release1,948x1,456 (1.06 MB)
Ind0031.jpgOnForce LFT animal ear tags - press release1,195x890 (0.14 MB)
Ind0032.jpgOnForce metal replacement, Tripod screen capture6,600x5,100 (0.75 MB)
Ind0033.jpgOnForce metal replacement, Tripod screen capture_26,600x5,100 (0.93 MB)
Ind0034.jpgTextile bobbins from Turkish manufacturer ISILSAN4,912x7,360 (30.63 MB)
IND0035.jpegWaterStep water purification system931x1,280 (0.15 MB)
Ind0036.jpg1,500x2,090 (0.86 MB)
Industrial tool grips.jpgNylon overmolding TPE for oil and abrasion resistant grips 2,500x1,669 (1.09 MB)
Panorama of the MATERIAUTECH in Lyon.jpgPolyOne cooperates with Materiautech_panorama of the Materiatech facility in Lyon2,362x371 (0.59 MB)
Basic Instinct.jpgInVisiO Color Inspiration 2016 Basic Instinct1,024x352 (0.12 MB)
Brain Reign.jpgInVisiO Color Inspiration 2016 Brain Reign3,526x1,284 (2.10 MB)
Consumer0001.jpgScratch n All low resolution821x768 (0.41 MB)
Consumer0002.jpgAniment Scratch n All1,827x1,710 (1.68 MB)
Consumer0003.jpgBrooks Running Shoe Glycerin 81,391x1,020 (0.72 MB)
Consumer0004.jpgColor Chip Room at Avon Lake Innovation Center1,442x1,171 (1.01 MB)
Consumer0005.jpgDynalloy OBC 8100 press release image697x687 (0.31 MB)
Consumer0006.jpgtugo(tm) drink holder1,391x1,572 (0.89 MB)
Consumer0007.jpgGLS logo743x825 (0.16 MB)
Consumer0008.jpgGLS logo small103x114 (0.01 MB)
Consumer0009.jpgPlastisols used in Toys, Dolls, & Dip Molding2,048x2,048 (1.28 MB)
Consumer0010.jpgScrewdriver Handles2,048x2,048 (0.96 MB)
Consumer0011.jpgGrip Liner Roll3,072x3,072 (1.79 MB)
Consumer0012.jpgInline Skate Wheel3,072x3,072 (1.15 MB)
Consumer0013.jpgLatex Product Collage3,072x3,072 (2.00 MB)
Consumer0014.jpgPhoto Album Pages3,072x3,072 (1.03 MB)
Consumer0015.jpgProduct Collage3,072x3,072 (1.12 MB)
Consumer0016.jpgSnowshoe3,072x3,072 (1.03 MB)
Consumer0017.jpgFormulator Trade Show Collage3,072x3,072 (1.48 MB)
Consumer0018.jpgBalloons3,205x3,248 (2.19 MB)
Consumer0019.jpgBalloons3,497x3,236 (1.62 MB)
Consumer0020.jpgVarious Color Products3,072x3,072 (1.53 MB)
Consumer0021.jpgColored Rubber Balls - Dry Color - Elastomer3,072x3,072 (2.67 MB)
Consumer0022.jpgHair Brush3,271x4,871 (2.85 MB)
Consumer0023.jpgGLS TPE's - Razor Handle4,596x3,976 (14.33 MB)
Consumer0024.JPGHappy Lapper4,069x3,038 (2.76 MB)
Consumer0025.jpgGreen Bath Kit on Black Background3,000x3,000 (5.81 MB)
Consumer0026.JPGGreen Bath Kit on White Background3,000x3,000 (2.00 MB)
Consumer0027.jpgGreen Bath Kit on Bamboo Background3,000x3,000 (4.14 MB)
Consumer0028.JPGMAM Learn to Drink Cup 1,466x1,138 (0.56 MB)
Consumer0029.JPGNon-BPA Infant Beverage Containers ©iStockphoto.com/PolyOne Corporation1,698x1,131 (0.70 MB)
Consumer0030.jpgPolyOne Logo1,600x1,200 (0.29 MB)
Consumer0031.PNGPolyOne Logo _ Small175x70 (0.01 MB)
Consumer0032.jpgWilton Rolling Pin1,725x320 (0.18 MB)
Consumer0033.jpgOXO Tot Divided Dish2,000x1,460 (1.72 MB)
Consumer0034.jpgColor Inspiration 20141,867x1,250 (0.88 MB)
Consumer0035.jpgUltros Renu PETG Wovin Wall1,441x1,269 (0.99 MB)
Consumer0040.jpg1,633x2,308 (1.00 MB)
consumer0042.jpgColorsperse Cosmetics website3,898x2,469 (2.49 MB)
Consumer0043.jpgGSDI organic colors for cosmetics1,809x2,717 (2.14 MB)
Consumer36.jpgPolyOne Helps Victorinox Stay on the Cutting Edge4,469x4,206 (2.32 MB)
Consumer37.jpgPolyOne Supports Quality Standards of Victorinox1,528x1,146 (0.25 MB)
Consumer38.jpgGobie H20 Water Bottles4,362x1,969 (0.27 MB)
Divergent Desire.jpgInVisiO Color Inspiration 2016 Divergent Desires3,509x1,285 (2.61 MB)
Pack Expo 2015.jpgPack Expo 20151,024x683 (0.31 MB)
PKG0042.jpgColorMatrix™ Ultimate UV390 3,252x3,481 (1.44 MB)
Pkg0043.jpgGLS TPE Cap Liner1,628x1,020 (0.54 MB)
Power Play.jpgInVisiO Color Inspiration 2016 Power Play3,525x1,289 (2.32 MB)
Clayton Christensen.jpgClayton Christensen1,488x2,240 (2.04 MB)
Craig Nikrant at PMD2012.jpgCraig Nikrant at PMD 20121,780x1,980 (1.44 MB)
Gaggenau Innovation Center.jpgPolyOne Innovation Center Gaggenau5,000x3,475 (3.75 MB)
GN1258.jpgTwo Men Working in Plant2,925x3,603 (2.24 MB)
GN1259.jpgMen Working in Plant3,498x2,890 (2.08 MB)
GN1266.jpgPolyOne Scientist in Lab3,260x2,644 (1.29 MB)
Holger Kronimus.jpgHolger Kronimus403x503 (0.02 MB)
Istanbul_Technical_Day.jpgTechnical Day in Istanbul2,584x2,029 (1.44 MB)
Krishna Venkataswamy_jpg.jpg512x640 (0.02 MB)
Matt Defosse.jpgMatt Defosse, Marcom Manager, Europe1,772x2,657 (2.03 MB)
OnColor Portfolio App.jpg1,432x1,070 (1.06 MB)
Pune India Grand Opening.jpegPune India Grand Opening4,928x3,264 (5.72 MB)
Robert Rosenau.jpgRobert Rosenau600x896 (0.10 MB)
Suwanee Innovation Center.jpgSuwanee Innovation Center2,338x2,139 (2.54 MB)
Textiles0001.jpgSports Glove3,192x3,173 (2.56 MB)
Textiles0002.jpgWilflex Epic Top Score1,764x1,007 (0.31 MB)
Textiles0003.jpgWilflex Oasis3,456x2,304 (7.50 MB)
Textiles0004.jpgTextiles00042,703x1,818 (4.15 MB)
Trans0001.jpgAutomotive interior338x483 (0.05 MB)
Trans0002.jpgBRP Cargo Support1,474x1,138 (0.25 MB)
Trans0003.jpgBRP Outlander ATV with Cargo Supports1,424x939 (0.13 MB)
Trans0004.jpgCar cutaway view1,138x693 (0.48 MB)
Trans0005.bmpFusion Hybrid engine cover lo448x282 (0.36 MB)
Trans0006.bmp2010 Ford Fusion hybrid engine cover1,159x730 (2.42 MB)
Trans0007.jpgMiscellaneous Thermoplastic Elastomers2,048x2,048 (1.15 MB)
Trans0008.jpgFilters2,048x2,048 (1.95 MB)
Trans0009.jpgTrunk Safety Latch3,072x3,072 (0.72 MB)
Trans0010.jpgAutomotive Interior Parts3,024x3,024 (2.77 MB)
Trans0011.jpgMap pocket liner1,162x778 (0.23 MB)
Trans0012.jpgSlush molded PVC door panel1,251x934 (0.13 MB)
Trans0013.jpgSailboat Rigging Block Features Four PolyOne Solutions3,872x2,592 (0.33 MB)
Trans0016.jpgMars Otomotiv High Brightness LED Work Light for Construction Vehicles1,465x1,155 (0.20 MB)
Trans0017.jpegTrans0017664x498 (0.03 MB)
Trans0018.jpegTrans0018481x428 (0.05 MB)
Trans0019.jpegTrans00191,290x577 (0.21 MB)
Trans0020.jpg7,360x4,912 (0.47 MB)
trans0021.jpgreSound NF natural fiber reinforced solutions4,611x4,564 (15.04 MB)
trans0022.jpgInVisiO℠ Color Inspiration micro-trend collection for the transportation industry3,423x1,575 (1.11 MB)
Trans0023.jpgAutomotive Mirror1,698x1,131 (0.23 MB)
expandWire & Cable
ECCOH for oil and gas rig communication cable.jpgECCOH High Performance Solutions for communication cables in extreme conditions2,721x1,806 (3.87 MB)
WC0001.jpgECCOH solar cables - press release2,078x1,391 (1.50 MB)
WC0002.jpgMiscellaneous Cable Collection4,608x3,724 (5.10 MB)
WC0003.jpgMiscellaneous Wire, Vinyl, Plenum3,072x3,072 (1.98 MB)
WC0004.jpgCable3,072x3,072 (0.97 MB)
WC0005.jpgSpark Plug and Wire3,072x3,072 (4.10 MB)
WC0006.jpgWires2,048x2,048 (2.37 MB)
WC0007.jpgCat 5 Wire165x160 (0.01 MB)
WC0008.jpgWire Connections3,306x4,006 (2.35 MB)
WC0009.jpgLSFOH Electrical Conduit (Low Smoke and Fume, Free of Halogen)3,940x4,757 (3.28 MB)
WC0010.jpgGLS HFFR TPEs for Wire&Cable1,500x2,110 (0.19 MB)
WC0011.jpgSolar panels high res1,578x1,217 (2.66 MB)
WC0013.jpgOnFlex HFFR - press release1,537x1,331 (0.57 MB)
WC0014.jpgSolar panels lo res622x480 (0.33 MB)
WC0015.JPGHome Appliance Cable2,048x2,048 (1.19 MB)