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Solutions and Support for the Appliance Industry 

At PolyOne, we understand the diverse and demanding needs of appliance manufacturers.  We work closely with OEMs, component suppliers and processors to meet the ever-evolving requirements of your customers and marketplace.  Our solutions help you develop innovative designs that enhance the performance and market appeal of your products. 

Unparalleled Product Breadth - PolyOne can help you with nearly every polymer type for an unparalleled variety of appliance parts and uses including:

  • Flame-retardant housings and covers
  • Internal structural components
  • Wiring and electrical connectors
  • Gears and wear-resistant parts
  • Static dissipative components
  • High-specific gravity components - such as counter weights
  • High-strength / reinforced components including carbon and glass fiber filled
  • Soft-touch and elastomeric components

Design & Manufacturing Support Services - We go beyond polymers to support you with important services such as material selection and optimization, part and tool design and troubleshooting support.

Our programs and services include:

  • Part design, tooling assistance and mold flow analysis 
  • CAE (computer aided engineering) capabilities for design and flow analysis.
  • Your molding operations can be replicated at our solutions centers 
  • Troubleshooting issues such as cycle time, startup time, run rates, scrap rates, process optimization and more
  • Our solutions centers are equipped to run your tools first hand so that we might make recommendations that can be confidently implemented at your facility 
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