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Vinyl Extrusion & Molding Compounds 
The Versatility of Geon™ Vinyl 


Geon Performance Materials offers a wide range of PVC-based compounds for applications in nearly every market segment. From appliance housings to window profiles to wire jacketing, Geon has one of the industry's broadest range of materials, offering an excellent balance of performance and value.


Services and Solutions

With our technical expertise and experience, we help customers find the right solution to maximize their bottom line. Whether it's specialty compound formulation, technical service on the production line, or sourcing options that allow you to procure consistent material globally, Geon has the solution you need.


Learn More About Our Products

Our products include rigid and flexible PVC, and PVC alloys and blends for use in injection molding, blow molding, and extrusion processes.  To learn more about our products, select from the Product Families on the right. 


To understand more about why vinyl may be the right choice for you, visit the following:

Vinyl Basics

Why Use Geon Vinyl?

Geon Services and Solutions

Vinyl: A Responsible Choice

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China - Dongguan Sales Office & Plant
HouJie Town, Dongguan City, GuangDong Province
Telephone: +86 769 8998 8158
Fax: +86 769 8998 8159

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Belgium - Assesse Sales Office
Telephone: +32 83 660 211
Fax: +32 83 660 360

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Canada - St Remi Sales Office & Plant
St Remi de Napierville QC
Telephone: +1 888 588 4366
Fax: +450 454 5801
Mexico - PolyOne Mexico Sales Office & Plant
Telephone: +52 722 2790200
Fax: +52 722 2790209
U.S. - Avon Lake Innovation Center & Sales Office
Avon Lake OH
Telephone: +1 440 930 1000
Fax: +440 930 3064
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