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Geon™ Vinyl Powder Compounds 

PolyOne’s Performance Products & Solutions Specialty Coatings business delivers customized vinyl powder compound solutions, tailored to your processing and performance requirements, which are backed by a technically expert formulation and sales team allowing you to operate with speed, flexibility, and efficiency, making you more competitive in a global business environment.

Application Expertise - Whatever your process, we have a technical and sales team ready to work with you to provide a solution that minimizes rework, scrap, and warranty claims, and strengthens your brand and your bottom line.

Rapid Customer Response - Looking to minimize inventory, reduce operational costs, and resolve technical problems quickly? PolyOne has multiple manufacturing facilities and local technical staff, strategically located throughout the U.S. to deliver product and support when and where you need it.

Leader in Sustainable Solutions - Looking for answers to new regulatory standards, industry trends, and market opportunities, we have the answers including CPSIA compliant materials, non-phthalate materials, and bio-plasticizers.

Marketing Literature

 Industry Bulletin: Specialty Coatings and Automotive.pdf

 Case Study: Geon™ VBX Series Vinyl Powder Compounds - Transportation - Vehicle Door Panels.pdf

Technical Literature

 Rotational Molding Process.pdf

 Slush Molding Process.pdf


Contact Us

expand  Asia / Pacific
China - Shenzhen Sales Office & Plant
Telephone: +86 755 2969 2888
Fax: +86 755 2969 2999

expand  North America
U.S. - Avon Lake Innovation Center & Sales Office
Avon Lake OH
Telephone: +1 440 930 1000
Fax: +440 930 3064
Our Products
Provide a balance of fusion characteristics and physical properties that result in easy handling characteristics in comparison to liquid coating systems and high plasticizer absorption.
Geon™ VBX Series Vinyl Powder Compounds are formulated to automotive OEM requirements for intertior components providing a wide range of physical properties and performance characteristics with superior haptics for items such as door panels, instrument panels and instrument panels with seamless deployable airbags.
PVC resins plasticized for flexibility and enhanced by the addition of heat or light stabilizers, color pigments, flame retardants, blowing agents and other additives required for the intended product.
Geon™ Vinyl Slush Powder Compounds are formulated to customer requirements and processes providing a wide range of properties and performance charactersitics.
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