How to Create Safe and Sustainable Plastic Product Packaging

Plastic Product Packaging Criteria

What are key criteria to consider for the sustainability and safety of plastic packaging in food, healthcare and consumer products? It begins with the design phase and materials selection, but considerations in manufacturing and recovery options all contribute to the sustainability of the final package.

Basic guidelines to take into account include:

Define design attributes – determine parameters necessary to achieve desired package efficiency and functionality.

Minimize raw materials usage – by reducing the amount of material needed for each unit of packaging, consumption of raw materials is reduced. 

Optimize processing methods – improved energy efficiency, reduced water consumption or re-incorporation of scrap can all promote sustainable processing. 

Support reuse – evaluate a number of factors to determine options for recyclability or the alternative of commercial composting. 

Advance product safety – with a large percentage of today’s food, healthcare and consumer product packaging made from plastics, compliancy with regulatory requirements and attention to certification standards are critical.

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White Paper: Seeking Sustainability in Plastic Packaging

A guide to understanding major environmental and safety criteria for food, consumer and healthcare packaging materials.

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