Lighting Systems

Performance, Design and Weight Savings

Vehicle lighting systems are tasked with some critical deliverables. Not only are they essential for safety and visibility, they are also a major contributor to styling and "personality" of the vehicle. From lenses and housings to heat sinks and reflectors, our polymer, colorant and additive solutions help you meet vital mechanical and thermal requirements while expanding design freedom.

For example, the transition from incandescent lamps to LEDs has made its way into vehicles of all sorts, and it creates new opportunities for you to re-think the design of these systems. New designs that replace metal with thermally conductive polymers can help you to make lighting that's more attractive to consumers and optimizes the limited available space on a vehicle. What's more, these specialty polymers can help you to improve manufacturing efficiencies and remove weight for reduced CO2 emissions.


Lamps & Lighting

LED & HB LED Headlamps, Incandescent Headlamps, Taillights, Auxiliary Lighting, Fog Lamps, Brake Lights, Turn Signals



Engineered Polymer Formulations
Therma-Tech™ Thermally Conductive Formulations
Nymax™ / Bergamid™ Polymer Formulations
Stat-Tech™ Static Dissipative & Electrically Conductive Formulations


LED & HB LED Lighting Systems, Incandescent Lighting Systems


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