Workforce + Culture

Workforce + Culture

Talent Managment

PolyOne is committed to helping its employees build successful, long-term careers. Only by recruiting the best talent, developing their careers and rewarding them for their contributions, and then promoting them from within, will PolyOne remain as the global leader in specialized polymer materials, services and solutions. We take development in our people seriously, investing time, money and resources into making our associates the best at what they do. 



PolyOne's commitment to the health and well-being of our employees, our customers, and our neighbors is second to none. It runs deep in our culture, our values, and our beliefs. Our record of excellence in safety performance, established over many years, sets the standard within our industry.* But we don’t stop there. PolyOne's safety performance ranks us among the safest manufacturing companies in the world, companies who are members of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) who put Responsible Care into practice every day.  
At PolyOne, we live a culture of world-class safety performance that our employees, our customers, and our communities expect and deserve.
*Rubber and Plastics Industry Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor.


LEAD by Women 

Leadership, Empowerment, Advancement and Development 
LEAD by Women is a global PolyOne initiative designed to promote diversity and inclusion, by increasing access to the tools and resources necessary to build leadership skills and accelerate careers. While it’s led by women, the program encourages all employees to participate, learn and develop skills. 
At the core of LEAD by Women are two strategic priorities: developing people, personally and professionally, and building networks for collaboration. Events have been organized all over the world since the program’s launch in the spring of 2017. Global speakers, local chapter programs, development programs, interactive case studies, mentoring, social events and more are used to accomplish the program’s strategic priorities.


PRIDE at PolyOne:

Launched in the spring of 2018, PRIDE at PolyOne intends to promote a safe and accepting environment for all LGBT associates to perform to their fullest potential and contribute to the success of PolyOne. PRIDE at PolyOne is an all-inclusive group - everyone is encouraged to participate, volunteer, learn, and advance our mission to make PolyOne “the company of choice for all.”


Sustainability Solutions


It’s one planet and we’re all responsible. PolyOne’s sustainability solutions have been cultivated with your specific needs in mind. 


Renewable, Reusable, Recyclable

OnCap™ BIO additives

OnColor™ BIO colorants

GLS OnFlex™ thermoplastic elastomers

GLS Versaflex™ thermoplastic elastomers

reSound™ natural fiber reinforced formulations

reFlex™ plasticizers

Nymax ND polymer formulations

Arkema, Bayer, DuPont, MRC, and Eastman branded resins based on biopolymers, post-consumer recycle content, renewably source material, distributed by PolyOne


Eco-Conscious Composition

ECCOH™ low smoke and flame, zero halogen (LSFOH) formulations

OnCap™ additives

Wilflex™ screen printing inks

Geon™ non-phthalate plastisols

Gravi-Tech™ high density polymer formulations

Edgetek™ AM non-halogen flame retardant formulations

Trilliant™ healthcare thermoplastics


Resource efficient

OnColor ™ FX special effects

OnCap™ CTR cycle time reduction performance additives

OnCap™ blowing agents

ECCOH™ Solar LSFOH formulations

OnForce™  LFT long fiber technology polymer formulations

Therma-Tech™ thermally conductive polymer formulations

ColorMatrix Joule™ infrared absorbing additive

Excelite™ liquid chemical foaming agent

Geon™ FX Metal rigid vinyl formulations


Environmental Stewardship


EH&S Governance

PolyOne’s Board of Directors has a long-standing Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) Committee. The charter of the Committee is to oversee and monitor the establishment and maintenance by management of comprehensive environmental, health, safety, security and product stewardship policies, standards and practices to procure regulatory compliance and safety/environmental operational excellence on a global basis.


EH&S Management, Reporting & Auditing

A key part of our management systems are internal audit and review programs, which periodically examine plant operations and develop recommendations to enhance performance. The scope of this audit/review process includes compliance to PolyOne policies and standards as well as applicable regulations. These standards include:

  • Environmental, Health and Safety Capital Appropriation Review
  • Chemical Release Reporting
  • Recycle/Reuse and Waste Management Procedures
  • Groundwater Protection Program
  • New Chemical Review
  • Crisis Management Emergency Response Planning
  • Product Regulatory Compliance Review


PolyOne strives to achieve high environmental standards in both mature and emerging markets through the development of security and environmental management systems, audit/review procedures, certifications, local training programs and best-practice management systems.

Our EH&S Security Management System includes forward-planning process which reviews potential environmental and community impact of our manufacturing operations and identifies opportunities to improve the performance of our operations and comply with current and anticipated regulations.

Our Environmental Management System establishes internal performance and audit/review standards for all our facilities comparable to ISO 14001 standards. Certain facilities have also received official certification to the ISO 14001 International Environmental Management System. ISO 14001 certifications follow intensive environmental audits of organizations, conducted by third-party ISO representatives. At present, multiple PolyOne facilities hold ISO 14001 Certification.

In order to continuously track progress made toward achieving environmental, health and safety (EH&S) goals, PolyOne has implemented a reporting program which includes:

  • Monthly reporting of production rates, waste generation rates, recycling rates, disposal methods, and compliance.
  • Quarterly reporting of progress made toward completion of internal environmental audit/review action items.
  • Annual reporting of energy use, water use, environmental capital needs for the coming five years, potential impacts of pending regulations, and narrative status reports on management systems related to air, land and water pollution prevention and control.
  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly reporting of safety and health statistics and benchmarking against other best-in-class companies.

If you need to crosslink polymers for wire and cable applications, please consider dry silane technology from PolyOne. Our OnCap™ dry silane additive formulations deliver both processing and product performance benefits.

Processing advantages include:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Cost effective
  • Low capital investment
  • Uniform cross-linking
  • Flexible; can be used with cross-linkable and standard thermoplastics on same line


And your end product also will see improvements too, such as:


December 8, 2017

CLEVELAND – PolyOne today announced it will unveil Hammerhead™ Marine Composite Panels at the Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX) in Orlando, Fla. next week. With a weight savings of more than 50% versus plywood, these continuous-fiber reinforced thermoplastic sandwich panels offer boat manufacturers a lighter, more efficient alternative to traditional marine construction materials. 


Jul 24, 2018

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Jul 02, 2018

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Fillers & Reinforcements: What’s the Difference?

Discover how to choose the best filler or reinforcement for your application needs.

Are you an engineer or product development expert faced with the material selection task? If so, you might also be looking to specify a material filler that will help your product perform better than the competition.
Let’s face it: bringing a new product to market can be a daunting process. Especially when the question of material selection comes up. 
To develop a successful, market-viable product, you must weigh your application’s performance needs with other considerations such as end user preferences, processing limitations, and regulatory implications. Make no mistake – material selection is hard because the right material can be the difference between mediocre market responses a runaway success. 
When your application demands game changing performance, choosing the best filler or reinforcement is just as important as the choice of polymer. And being able to make smart decisions about fillers early in the design process will give you a greater likelihood of success. 

When you need to choose a filler or reinforcement, you may rely on tried and true solutions. Take glass fiber reinforcements, for example. Short-glass fiber, when chopped into lengths of less than one-half inch, has long been used to improve the stiffness and impact strength of a product. But you owe it to yourself to look at alternatives, such as:

  • Long-glass fibers for even more impact strength than that of short-glass fiber
  • Milled glass and glass beads for improved mold flow, surface appearance and dimensional stability
  • Carbon and aramid fibers for lightweight, high-end reinforcement and more tensile strength and creep resistance than short-glass fibers
  • Bio-based fibers for an improved life cycle analysis, a lower density and lower tool abrasion than that of short-glass fiber

Similarly, you may have your tried-and-true favorites when it comes to other application requirements. Have you ever needed to make a plastic compound electrically or thermally conductive? Or maybe you needed to boost strength, reduce cost, add an opaque appearance, or create a denser feel. Is radiation shielding a requirement for your application? A slight tweak in the approach to your material formulations can have a huge effect on your product outcome.

Download our eBook, What’s the Difference?™ Fillers & Reinforcements, to learn more about the pluses and minuses of a wide variety of options within each filler and reinforcement category:

  • Mineral Fillers
  • Conductive Fillers
  • Fiber Reinforcements
  • Metallic Fillers

What’s the Difference?™ Fillers & Reinforcements

Need more information on filler and reinforcement options for a particular application? Look no further.

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 OnCap™ HC Additives for Healthcare

OEMs, processors, and converters can all benefit from this additive portfolio, specially developed for healthcare applications. By working to understand your unique requirements, we provide the additive solutions that can effectively meet the demands of your customers and applications.

OnCap HC additive technologies enable you to enhance product performance and improve processing efficiencies, plus you’ll have a range of technical support and services at your fingertips.


OnCap healthcare additive solutions include:

Name Category Description  
Colorants & Additives for Healthcare - Application Bulletin
Application Bulletin
Essential polymer solutions for critical healthcare applications
OnCap™ HC Additives for Healthcare - Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
Learn about additives are specially formulated to meet material performance requirements in today’s healthcare environments.

October 30, 2017

Game changing concentrates for polymer parts create a metallic surface finish that truly mimics paint while eliminating the painting process.

CLEVELAND – October 31, 2017 – PolyOne today launched OnColor™ Brilliant Metallic Colorants, a striking new line of special effect masterbatches that finally meet the need for paint replacement and premium surface finish.


Jul 24, 2018

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October 16, 2017

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – October 16, 2017 – PolyOne is highlighting creative applications its customers have developed with the company’s specialty polymer formulations and services during the Fakuma show this week. Recently completed applications on display will include a paint replacement project for one of the world’s largest manufacturers of appliances, and a consumer product for a leading global supermarket chain. 


Jul 24, 2018

PolyOne Announces Second Quarter 2018 Results... More

Jul 12, 2018

PolyOne Corporation Announces Quarterly Dividend... More

Jul 02, 2018

PolyOne To Hold Second Quarter 2018 Conference Call... More




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