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reSound™ NF Natural Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites

Sustainable automotive light weighting without compromise on performance

Your company can easily transition to a lower-density material that provides a high level of mechanical performance required for challenging applications with reSound™ NF natural fiber-reinforced solutions. It is a highly engineered, strong and sustainable alternative to glass fiber-reinforced formulations, with densities 5-10 percent less than comparable glass fiber formulations.

The superior thermo-mechanical properties of reSound NF solutions are a result of the novel process used to manufacture them. Customers can process these specialty polymers on standard machinery and tooling, at low injection molding temperatures.         

The combination of superior performance and low density makes reSound NF solutions an excellent choice for technical applications in many industries. In automotive, PolyOne has identified more than 15 potential applications in passenger vehicles for these formulations.

This new solution offers performance comparable to that of glass fiber-reinforced formulations, but with a 5-10 percent lower density and more favorable LCA (Life Cycle Analysis). Compared to other natural fiber-reinforced solutions, reSound NF offers significant mechanical property improvements in tensile and flexural properties, heat deflection temperature and impact strength.


  • 5-10 percent lower density than comparable solutions with similar mechanical performance
  • Bio-derived, reducing the carbon footprint at the beginning of the product life cycle
  • Injection moldable in standard equipment and existing molds
  • Low abrasion generated on tooling, low processing temperatures
  • Ability to reuse virtually all scrap

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