Short Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites

An economical solution for semi-structural components.

Short Fiber composites are excellent for applications where economics are an issue, but mechanical performance is still required. Fiber-reinforced formulations offer higher strength-to-weight ratio than traditional metals, such as steel and aluminum, and offer enhancements such as scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation properties, low susceptibility to moisture and high mechanical properties.                      


We offer standard formulations with 10 - 50% fiber loading by weight available in all commodity and engineering resin systems.

•           Bergamid™ / Nymax™ – Polyamide 6, 66, and 6/66 base resin

•           Edgetek™ – Polycarbonate, ABS, PC/ABS base resin

•           Maxxam™ –  Polyolefin base resin


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