Installation Tools & Instructions

Glasforms installation tools are made in the U.S.A. and are compatible with most manufacturer marker posts. These tools are made using heavy-duty steel, and are finished with a powder coating. 

Available tools include:

  • Snowpole driver
  • Post driver
  • Post puller
  • Pilot hole driver
  • U-channel manual driver
  • Boundary marker driver

Post Installation Instructions

  • Posts up 66” in length must be buried 18”
  • Posts between 72” and 84” must be buried 24”
  • Posts longer than 96” must be buried at least 36”


  • Plastic and U-Channel Anchors can be installed for permanent anchoring of marker posts in loose soils
  • Flexible barb collapses during installation and expands upon attempted removal
  • Plastic anchor kits are available and sold in packs of 10
  • Rivet guns are available


Name Category Description  
Glasforms GBD250 Design Drawing - Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
Glasforms boundary driver
Glasforms Manual Driver - Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
Glasforms manual driver drawing
Glasforms Post Hole Driver - Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
Post hole driver drawing
Glasforms Post Puller GP200 - Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
Glasforms Post Puller GP200 depiction
Glasforms™ Fiberglass Reinforced Markers & Delineators - Product Selection Guide
Product Selection Guide
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