Glasforms™ Pultrusion Technologies

Custom cross-sectional rods and profiles for any length with consistent and uniform quality throughout

Glasforms pultrusion technologies provide customers with the most economic method of producing continuous fiber-reinforced polymer composites. Fiber reinforced composites are ideal in applications where high stiffness and light weight performance are critical. Through our automated process, we can produce continuous and linear cross section profiles based on an engineered resin matrix.

Glasforms pultruded products offer consistent quality and exceptional product performance. In addition to custom shapes and sizes, customers can work with our engineers to design a custom polymer matrix to create the right balance of price and performance.    


Our pultrusion process offers:

  • Exceptionally high mechanical properties for lightweight structures
  • Linear, constant cross-section profiles
  • Continuous, automated manufacturing process
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Consistent and uniform quality and material properties

Customers can also request a variety of custom shapes and sizes of pultruded material to best suit their needs. Depending upon the desired stiffness, weight, strength, flex, density, and tensile requirements, our engineers can work to develop the ideal composite. Composite products can be fabricated using glass fiber-reinforced plastics either in a mat/ roving (MR-GFRP) or unidirectional (U-GFRP) design. High performance carbon fiber unidirectional reinforcements are also available. Additionally, customers can choose from a variety of resins, including: polyester, vinylester, and epoxy.


Products have proven uses in the healthcare, industrial, electrical, consumer and recreational spaces where a high level of stiffness is desirable. Applications include:

  • Ballistic resistant panels (GlasArmor™) that allow for the retention of a projectile and prevention of hazardous ricochet, while also boasting durable, lightweight material
  • Wind turbine flex-beams are made from lightweight composites, but can withstand high centrifugal forces produced by the blades
  • Highway corrosion-resistant dowel bars have high flexural and transverse strength to increase the life of highways and to reduce maintenance costs
  • Trapezoidal beam reinforcements for vehicular bridges provide 15-20 percent increased stiffness compared to concrete bridges

Typical Properties

Property Test procedure Glass Fiber reinforced Profiles Carbon Fiber reinforced Profiles Multiaxial Glass Reinforced Profiles
Glass Content, % by weight ASTM D2584 65-75 75 45-55
Tensile Strength, ksi (MPa) ASTM D3916 / D638 110-150 (750-1000) 405 (2800) 45-60 (310-415)
Tensile Modulus, Msi (GPa) ASTM D3916 / D638 5.5-7.0 (38-48) 24 (165) 2.6-3.5 (18-24)
Flexural Strength, ksi (MPa) ASTM D4476 / D790 100-130 (700-900) 180 (1200) 65 (450)
Flexural Modulus, Msi (GPa) ASTM D4476 / D790 5.5-6.5 (38-45) 21 (145) 2.1-2.7 (15-19)
Compressive Strength, ksi (MPa) ASTM D695 60-110 (415-750) 150 (1000) 40 (275)
Density, lbs/in3 (g/cm3) ASTM D792 .068-.073 (1.9-2) 0.058 (1.6) 0.066 (1.8)
Barcol Hardness ASTM D2583 50-60 50-60 50-60

Rectangular Example Profiles

Profile ID Thickness Width
G33 0.165 in. 0.600 in.
G40 0.172 in. 5.500 in.
G60 0.187 in. 1.250 in.
H24 0.250 in. 1.250 in.
H35 0.250 in. 2.500 in.
H40 0.250 in. 3.000 in.
H42 0.266 in. 2.500 in. 
H58 0.312 in. 1.250 in.
H70 0.312 in. 2.000 in.
H85 0.375 in. 1.000 in.
H88 0.375 in. 1.250 in.
J45 0.125 in. 0.625 in.
J16 1.200 mm. 50.0 mm.
J18 1.200 mm. 100.0 mm.
J19 1.200 mm. 80.0 mm.

Round Example Profiles

Profile ID Diameter Cross Sectional Area
M12 0.062 in. 0.003 sq in.
M20 0.080 in. 0.005 sq in.
M36 0.125 in. 0.012 sq in.
M53 0.155 in. 0.019 sq in.
M64 0.187 in. 0.027 sq in.
M67 0.187 in. 0.027 sq in.
M86 0.230 in. 0.042 sq in.
N01 0.250 in. 0.049 sq in.
N65 0.375 in. 0.110 sq in.
P01 0.500 in. 0.196 sq in.
P30 0.625 in. 0.307 sq in.
P35 0.650 in. 0.332 sq in.
P45 0.750 in. 0.442 sq in.
P47 0.750 in. 0.442 sq in.
P68 0.863 in. 0.585 sq in.
P70 0.875 in. 0.601 sq in.
P85 0.949 in. 0.707 sq in.
Q01 1.000 in. 0.785 sq in.
Q24 1.240 in. 1.208 sq in.
Q26 1.250 in. 1.227 sq in.
Q40 1.500 in. 1.767 sq in.
Q41 1.500 in. 1.767 sq in.
Q57 1.750 in. 2.405 sq in.
Q82 2.500 in. 4.909 sq in.
Q92 3.010 in. 7.116 sq in.
Q95 3.465 in. 9.430 sq in.

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