Continuous Fiber Reinforced Sandwich Panels

High Performance Thermoplastic Composite Panels

From boat decks to RV bunks, and storm shelters to shipping containers, continuous fiber reinforced sandwich panels provide lightweight strength and durability in a wide range of end- use applications.

Constructed of Polystrand™ continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic facesheets thermally bonded with a variety of internal core materials, these engineered composite panels are constructed without secondary adhesives for a stronger bond and more efficient manufacturing process.

These panels are designed and customized to maximize performance and minimize weight. By configuring facesheet layers, thicknesses, and fiber content in combination with the right core material selection, we can help you achieve your specific design and performance requirements.


  • Superior strength to weight ratio vs. other materials such as wood and aluminum
  • Uniform high quality
  • UV, chemical, and moisture resistance
  • High impact strength

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