Polycast™ UV-SC™ UV Blocking & Solar Heat Control Cell-Cast Acrylic Sheet

Polycast™ UV-SC™

Full UV protection for pilots and aircraft interiors.

Polycast UV-SC™ is a custom cell cast acrylic sheet solution that blocks out significant amounts of near-Infrared radiation while maintaining high visible light transmission. This acrylic solution offers full UV protection for pilots and aircraft interiors without sacrificing acrylic’s superior light transmission qualities. It is available in a wide range of colors and/or light transmissions, including night vision compatibility.


  • Full UV protection for pilots and aircraft interiors
  • Cooler, more comfortable interiors, especially while on the ground (20º F cooler)
  • Lower cockpit temperatures can increase the service life of expensive electronic equipment
  • Higher visibility than traditional tinted materials
  • Can be supplied in a variety of color shades, from near colorless to standard colors traditionally used for aircraft, including night vision compatible colors

Product Name Description Attribute 1 Attribute 2
Poly 2000 DataStretched Acrylic Sheet Mil-PRF-25690 High impact, craze resistance
Poly 76 Crosslinked, preshrunk acrylic sheet Mil-PRF-8184 High craze resistance
Poly 84 Superior craze and solvent resistance acrylic sheet Mil-PRF-8184 Lower moisture and superior craze
Poly II Heat-resistant, preshrunk Acrylic Mil-PRF-5425 Thermally annealed
Poly 900 Semi-cross-linked acrylic sheet DTD-5592 Better craze resistance and tolerance
Poly FR-9 Low flame spread and low smoke generation Mil-PRF-5425 Low flame spread and low smoke generation
Polycast UV-SC UV Blocking & Solar Heat Control Cell Cast Acrylic Available in all Mil-Specs Higher visibility than traditional materials
Polycast AQ Aircraft Quality ASTM-4802 Superior Optical grade
Name Category Description  
Polycast UV-SC
Product Bulletin
UV Blocking and Solar Heat Control Cell Cast Acrylic description, value solution, characteristics, markets and end-use applications
Polycast UV-SC Technical Bulletin
Technical Bulletin
Color examples and performance characteristics; comparisons of solar energy vs. visible light, spectral transmission and heat reduction 

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