Cast Acrylic Performance Grades

Polycast™ performance grade cast acrylic sheets were developed to meet a wide variety of fabrication performance criteria based on optical, chemical or mechanical properties. These sheets can be modified to meet critical requirements, including the introduction of sensitive dyes and additives, and can be formulated to offer UV protection or transmittance.

Polycast™ Medical & Food Grade Sheet

These acrylic products are approved for medical and food applications.


Polycast™ Super Abrasion Resistant (SAR™) Acrylic Sheet

Outshine and outstand with a highly abrasion-resistant finish and good aesthetic qualities.


Polycast™ Specialty Acrylic Sheet

We can modify Polycast acrylic sheet to change certain physical, chemical or optical properties to meet your needs.


Polycast™ UV, IR and Light Control Sheet

Polycast can modify its acrylic sheet by introducing sensitive dyes and other additives to meet your property requirements.


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