Polycast™ UV, IR and Light Control Sheet

Protects valuable documents and artifacts

Maintaining the right amount of ultraviolet or infrared protection or light filtration for your products can require a specialty solution. PolyOne can work with you to modify Polycast™ acrylic sheets to change certain physical, chemical or optical properties to meet your product specifications. Our special formulas ensure that only the desired type and amount of light passes through. 


  • Ultraviolet Filtering Sheet - UF-96, UF-3 & UF-4
    • Provides increased protection from ultraviolet wavelengths.
    • UF-96 and UF-3 block all UV light below 395 nanometers.
    • UF-4 blocks all UV light below 385 nanometers.

Polycast UV, IR and Light Control
Product Name Description
Polycast IRT Infrared transmitting sheet A special formula that blocks all visible light, but allows infrared wavelengths to pass through. Specially suited for sophisticated security systems based on infrared technology.
Polycast UF Ultra Violet Filtering sheet Blocks UV
Polycast UVT Ultra Violet Transmitting sheet Provides increased transmission of ultraviolet wavelengths between 280 and 360 nanometers.
Polycast Solacryl SUVT Stabilized Ultra Violet transmitting sheet Provides increased resistance and degradation to UV exposure, while transmitting increased UV suitable for suntan beds.
Polycast Scintillator and Wavelength Shifter Sheet Scintillator and wavelength shifter sheet Produces visible light when bombarded with sub-atomic particles.
Name Category Description  
Polycast Monkey Shine
Product Bulletin
SUVT for animal habitats; product description and physical properties
Polycast Solacryl SUVT
Product Bulletin
Stabilized UV Transmitting Acrylic Sheet for tanning beds; physical properties, warranty information and product overview
Polycast Ultra Violet Filtering
Product Bulletin
Polycast UF-96 clear ultraviolet filtering acrylic sheet spectral curve
Polycast UV-SC
Product Bulletin
UV Blocking and Solar Heat Control Cell Cast Acrylic description, value solution, characteristics, markets and end-use applications

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