Rods & Tubes

PolyOne has a legacy of excellence in cast acrylic rods and tubes over many years beginning with Townsend Plastics. This legacy continues with solutions from PolyOne that provide incredible optical clarity, high impact resistance, good weathering ability and excellent UV properties. Manufactured to your exact specifications to ensure exceptional and consistent quality, all rods and tubes can come in a variety of thickness, colors and sizes for any use. Order the quantity that makes fiscal and practical sense for your business – no order is too big or too small.      

Polycast™ Clear Rods & Tubes

We'll fit custom clear rods and tubs to your specs.


Color Rods & Tubes

Cast acrylic rods are available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and colors for your specific application.


Polycast™ Medical & Food Grade Rods & Tubes

These acrylic products are approved for medical and food applications.


Polycast™ Machine Grade Rods & Tubes

Extremely strong breakage resistance and quick cutting times


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