PolyCast™ Color Rods & Tubes

PolyCast™ Color Rods and Tubes provide excellent optical clarity, UV properties and strength. This highly durable, resilient product is an integral component in many product categories, including medical, pharmaceutical, display and arts and crafts. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, these rods and tubes can be custom ordered to fit your exact specs.  


  • Custom and Standard colors, Fluorescent and Pearl also available
  • HC 212 - Underwriters Laboratories recognized for polymeric materials in electrical applications.
  • NSF Grades - PolyOne offers tubes and rods that meet the requirements for the National Sanitation Foundation


Product Certifications Standard Lengths Available Diameters Available Wall Thicknesses
Tubing ASTM D5436, UL 746A 6' nominal lengths standard 1.25" O.D. to 20.00" O.D 0.125", 0.187", 0.250", (up to 1.00" available upon request)
Rod ASTM D5436, UL 746A 4' nominal lengths standard 0.50" O.D. to 3.00" O.D N/A
Name Category Description  
Polycast™ Cast Acrylic Rods Color Chart - Color Selector
Color Selector
PolyCast™ Cast Acrylic Rods Product and Color Selection Guide
Polycast™ Custom Cast Acrylic Rods and Tubes Solutions - Brochure
Product selection guide for PolyCast™ cast acrylic tubing and rod solutions

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