PolyCast™ Machine Grade Rods & Tubes

PolyCast™ machine-grade rods and tubes from PolyOne feature cast acrylic that provides extremely strong breakage resistance and quick cutting times, without compromising on aesthetic appeal. These rods and tubes can be cut and altered to your exact specifications, but still allow for easy finishing and a quality look and feel for your products.  Typical applications include displays ,signage, medical devices, arts and crafts.


  • Fabrication operations include flame polishing, angle cuts, drilling chamfering, and specialty machining
  • Standard lengths cut to meet exact specifications
  • Custom colors available

Polycast Machine Grade
Polycast Machine ASTM D-5436 UL 746A
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Cast Acrylic Rods and Tubes Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
PolyCast™ Cast Acrylic Tubing, Cast Acrylic Rod, machining and fabrication, quality and service and typical properties

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