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Custom Pre-Colored Specialty Engineered Formulations

Reduce the cost of sourcing and improve lot to lot color consistency

Whether you’re looking for a high-speed color match or an entirely new color palette, PolyOne will work with you to match your specific color and physical property requirements in real time to minimize the time from concept to production, differentiate your offerings, and help expand your bottom line. These customized solutions meet the performance and aesthetic requirements for a broad range of applications that serve multiple industries. In addition, we are able to leverage our unparalleled breadth of base resins and additives to meet performance targets and establish color aesthetics.        


  • Real-time color matching -- in hours, not weeks
  • Small lot capabilities (25 lb. minimum) for trial parts
  • Single source solution for reduced hassle and sourcing costs
  • Capability to color a multitude of base resins
  • FR, UV, MR, antimicrobial additives
  • Weatherability packages
  • Special color effects
  • BPA-free, neat & blends

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