Maxxam™ LO: Low Odor Talc-Filled Polypropylene

Maxxam LO can reduce VOC by up to 79% when compared to standard talc grades

Maxxam LO is a talc-filled polypropylene designed specifically for under hood HVAC automotive applications. It is formulated to minimize unwanted odor while reducing VOC emissions.

As the regulatory environment surrounding Vehicular Interior Air Quality (VIAQ) continues to evolve, PolyOne has formulated Maxxam LO to meet these requirements, while adding value for end consumers by enabling an environment free from unpleasant odors within the cabin.

This new technology consistently achieves 3.0 per VDA 270, meeting the specifications of automotive OEMs globally – all without sacrificing physical performance or aesthetics.


  • Reduces VOC emissions
  • Provides heat stabilization
  • Offers an excellent balance of physical properties
  • Easily processed and maintains process flexibility
  • Available in natural, black & custom colors


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Maxxam™ LO - Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
Talc-Filled Polypropylene for Underhood Automotive HVAC Uses 

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