Maxxam™ Polyolefin Formulations

An ideal performance driven alternative to highly engineered polymers

If traditional grades of polypropylene and polyethylene do not meet the requirements of your application, but you do not wish to use highly engineered or custom materials, then Maxxam™ products may be just what you need. The Maxxam family of polypropylene and polyethylene based products offers a complete line of cost-effective, performance driven material options. Standard grades are compounded with calcium carbonate, glass and talc to provide a desired balance of properties, including stiffness, durability, impact resistance and heat resistance.


Key features:

  • Base resins such as polypropylene (homopolymers and copolymers) and polyethylene (LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE)
  • Fillers such as glass and minerals (including calcium carbonate and talc)
  • Additives and modifiers, including UV stabilizers, antioxidants, lubricants, impact enhancers and coupling agents

Additional benefits:

  • Good balance of properties among stiffness, durability and impact resistance
  • Can be compounded for molding, extrusion or blow molding processes
  • More economical than many engineered materials
  • Available in a range of custom colors
  • UV stability
  • Applicable to the transportation, industrial, consumer, electrical and electronic, and building and construction industries

Name Category Description  
Case Study - Automotive Supplier Drives Value and Performance
Case Study
A customized compound, design services, and technical support from PolyOne combine to drive value and performance for an integrated HVAC ducting module
Maxxam Polyolefin Compounds Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
Product description, characteristics, resins, fillers, additives, markets and end-use applications
Maxxam Processing Guide
Processing Guides
Injection molding parameters, startup and shutdown, mold design and troubleshooting recommendations

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