Stan-Tone™ SP Silicone Dispersions

Colorants that meet individual requirements for silicone elastomers

These silicone paste colorants can be used in one and two-component RTV systems and two-part LIM systems. Formulations can be developed for indoor or outdoor light-fastness, chemical resistance, heat stability, ease of dispersion and heavy-metal replacement. 


  • Standard single-pigment colors
  • Custom multi-pigment colors for one-component moisture-cured and two-component systems
  • LIM system custom colors using vinyl-terminated, reactive silicone

Silicone Dispersions
Product Name Description Attributes
Stan-Tone™ SP Colorants Color dispersions for RTV and LIM systems Standard and custom colors available; product available in varying viscosity from liquid to paste
Name Category Description  
GSDI Advanced Dispersions Product Overview
Product Selection Guide
Learn how PolyOne's pre-dispersed colorants and additives give you the consistency and quality your products deserve
Silicone Dispersion Technologies
Colorant and additive dispersions that provide enhanced performance and color consistency. 
Stan-Tone™ FDA Silicone Paste Colors (FSP) Stan-Tone™ Colors - Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
Product information and typical values for 13 Stan-Tone™ FDA Silicone Paste Colors using ingredients regulated under FDA CFR Title 21
Stan-Tone™ Silicone Paste Colors (SP) Stan-Tone™ Colors - Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
RTV Compounds, LIM system, thermoset gum rubber and color information for Stan-Tone Silicone Paste Colors

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