Decorative Sheet

Decorative sheet products give your finished goods an impressive surface finish to add to its ultimate appeal. Choose from custom options such as high chroma, paint-like depth of image, high gloss and metallic effects to set your product apart in the marketplace. With custom colors, sizes, gauges and in-mold finishes, you’re bound to find a design that matches your product’s qualities.

ABS & Polystyrene Multi-Layer Sheet

Optimized for outdoor use, these multi-layer thermoplastic extruded sheets combine carefully engineered properties and paint-like aesthetics.


Royalite R104 Foam Laminated Sheet

R104 consists of a soft-to-touch layer supported by a rigid ABS backing, giving excellent physical characteristics such as impact strength and ductility.


Multi-Layer Performance Capped Sheet

Our WeatherPro sheet products balance performance with an excellent depth of image in outdoor use.


Multi-layer Acrylic/ABS Sheet

Aqua-Pro™ sheet features a high gloss appearance and is available with granite or other decorative laminates.


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