Exterior Weatherable Sheet

When UV, temperature, water, and chemical exposure are critical to your application, Exterior Weatherable Sheet materials help your product meet the demands – lending color fastness, chemical resistance and long-term durability. These materials, available exclusively from PolyOne, are suitable for thermoforming applications like signs, exterior trim, transportation, exterior construction, and pool & spa. A suite of material options and customization options ensure you get the configuration that maximizes your product’s success.

SG Durable Sheet

Ideal for signage and glazing, this copolyester sheet features excellent formability at low temperatures.


Weather Resistant Sheet

These rugged, weather-ready, flame-rated sheets provide excellent impact, color and gloss retention under outdoor exposure conditions.


UltraTuf™ SG Chrome Sheet

This sheet combines toughness and weatherability with the look of real chrome on exterior signs.


Polyethylene Sheet

Versatile thermoplastic extruded sheet with high impact strength, excellent chemical resistance and good thermoformability.


SunGard Sheet

Our weatherable sheet products combine the impact strength of polycarbonate with outstanding ultraviolet stability.


Crylex Weatherable Sheet

Crylex™ is the preferred material for rigid formed sign faces when both weatherability and impact strength are required.



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