Royalite™ R26 Food Contact Sheet

Royalite™ R26

Complies with current FDA and NSF requirements


Royalite™ R26 is a special ABS product that provides an unusual combination of very high tensile strength and stiffness coupled with outstanding formability. This sheet can be formulated to comply with current FDA and NSF requirements for food handling equipment and devices, and is available in a wide range of colors and textures.

Popular Applications:

  • Luggage
  • Auditorium seating
  • Food handling trays and boxes
  • ​Motorcycle fairings

Royalite R26 Food Contact
Product Name Description Characteristics
R26 Thermoplastic sheet; specialty ABS product Complies with FMVSS 302 and current FDA and NSF requirements for food handling equipment and devices Very high tensile strength, impact strength and stiffness, coupled with outstanding formability
Name Category Description  
Royalite Product Guide
Product Selection Guide
Materials, descriptions/applications and specifications
Royalite R26 Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
Product description, value solution, key characteristics, target market, applications and typical properties
Royalite Texture Selection Guide
Product Selection Guide
Available textures by resin

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