Structural Sheet

When toughness and endurance are critical to your application, PolyOne can provide you with structural sheet formulated to give strength, stiffness, impact and long-term durability. PolyOne structural sheets are suitable for thermoforming and fabrication across a wide range of applications, such as building and construction, marine, appliance and transportation. We offer custom colors, sizes, gauges and surface finishes.

AquaPro™ Multi-Layer Acrylic/ABS Sheet

Acrylic and ABS combine for exceptional performance in bathtub and sink applications.


UltraTuf™ ABS Sheet

ABS thermoplastic achieves a balance of toughness and appearance with good formability.


Polyethylene Sheet

Versatile thermoplastic extruded sheet with high impact strength, excellent chemical resistance and good thermoformability.


Marine Utility Board

Formulated to meet the needs of the marine industry and boat builder who lays-up fiberglass; allows for superior adhesion of fiberglass and commercial adhesives.



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