Sparalloy™ Utility Board


For the specific needs of the marine industry

Sparalloy™ is a unique blend of polymers specifically formulated to meet the needs of the marine industry and boat builder who lays-up fiberglass. Our unique foamed ABS alloy process allows for superior adhesion of fiberglass and commercial adhesives. It has no water absorption, the screw retention of hard wood, and the rigidity to be used in everything from cleat blocks to bulkheads. It is an excellent replacement for wood, metal, polyethylene, and foam urethanes and can also be used in other applications in addition to marine such as flooring for stages or as a support layer in transportation flooring.


  • Surface texture: rough, developed to increase surface area for enhanced bonding
  • Screw retention: greater than 713 lbs. per in pull with a #8 screw
  • Drill and tap: direct bolting saves time and money
  • Bonds: excellent to polyester resin, vinyl ester resin, epoxies, urethanes and methacrylate adhesives
  • Floats: specific gravity of .85
  • Rigid: similar to plywood of equal thickness

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Sparalloy™ Rigid-foamed ABS Alloy Sheet - Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
 Sparalloy™ rigid-foamed ABS alloy sheet description, value solution, characteristics, markets and end-use applications

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