Transparent & Translucent Sheet

PolyOne transparent and translucent sheets are formulated for their visual properties to give optical clarity, visual effect, and light transmission or diffusion. These materials are suitable for thermoforming and fabrication in applications such as personal safety, graphic arts, sign, and building & construction. We offer custom prints, sizes, gauges and surface finishes.

Spectar™ Copolyester Sheet

Spectar Copolyester Printing Sheet offers good impact strength, outstanding chemical resistance and excellent thermoforming and fabrication characteristics.


UltraTuf™ CX Durable Sheet

This unique copolyester alloy sets a new standard for impact strength and stress resistance.


Personal Safety Sheet

We offer a full selection of personal protection plastics to meet every cost bracket.


Lenticular 3D Specialty Printing Sheet

This clear, print-grade plastic sheet has a series of longitudinal lenses extruded into the surface that can produce 3D, flip, animation, or morph effects.


Copolyester Sheet

A rigid copolyester material designed for the visual merchandising, retail display and graphic arts markets.


UltraTuf™ LED sheet

This copolyester provides excellent light transmission while hiding hot spots in LED applications



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