PreservaPak™ Packaging

Available in mono-layer and multi-layer structures across a wide range of rigid materials, PreservaPak™ rigid packaging solutions help customers satisfy the demanding requirements of today’s food packaging. 

PreservaPak™ is offered in barrier and non-barrier formats designed to meet the specific processing and shelf life requirements for your product. Solutions are available for a wide array of food processing conditions from the toughest aespetic, retort and modified atmosphere processing to hot, cold or ambient fill.

Whether your need is for on-the-go, dairy, fresh foods or extended shelf-life products, we can help you develop a tailored solution targeted to your exact requirements.

Our industry-leading innovation center has the material science and design expertise to help you develop the perfect package. New materials are sampled on equipment that emulates a full production environment to help you streamline the design process and get to market faster.


  • Preserves product freshness providing extended shelf life performance
  • Custom multi-layer structures delivering low, medium and high barrier performance capabilities
  • Proven track record of outstanding performance in form, fill and seal applications 
  • Designed for a wide array of food applications including shelf stable, refrigerated & frozen foods
  • Ideal for a broad range of packaging formats from single serve portions to multipacks
  • Available as rollstock or preformed containers

PreservaPak Packaging
Product Name Description Type
PreservaPak™ Non-barrier – Formed parts and rollstock Custom-shapes, color and performance additives for shelf differentiation, light weight structures, high clarity & material utilization
PreservaPak™ Ultra Barrier – Formed parts and rollstock Custom structures providing high performance extended shelf-life with traditional and ultra thin barrier technologies, colors and additives
PreservaPak™ SSP Barrier – Formed parts and rollstock Single serve barrier pods in custom materials for enhanced performance
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