Geon™ BIO

Footwear, furniture, building products and medical applications all benefit from non-phthalate and biobased Geon BIO

Unlike traditional flexible vinyl, Geon™ BIO is formulated with non-phthalate, bio-based plasticizers derived from soybeans. It complies with all phthalate restrictions, including CA Proposition 65 and CPSIA. In many applications it has demonstrated improved processing versus traditional flexible vinyl without a performance sacrifice. Making the switch to Geon BIO can help improve brand integrity, reduce production costs and grow market share.



Formulated to contain a minimum of 25% bio-renewable content featuring reFlex™ bio-based plasticizer, it can be certified USDA BioPreferred® for most applications.


CPSIA and CA Proposition 65-compliant.

Cost Effective

Non-phthalate formulation at a total lower production cost versus alternatives.

Improved Toughness

Higher tensile strength, tear strength and elongation versus phthalate-based formulations.

Production Friendly

Processes the same or better than phthalate-based formulations.

Geon BIO
Product Name Clarity Hardness Specific Gravity
Geon BIO RA7000 Transparent 61A/15 1.17
Geon BIO RA9000 Transparent 85A/15 1.24
Geon BIO RB7000 Opaque 63A/15 1.27
Geon BIO RB9000 Opaque 86A15 1.35
Geon BIO RC7000 Opaque 64A/15 1.37
Geon BIO RC9000 Opaque 86A/15 1.45
Geon BIO RD7000 Opaque 66A/15 1.46
Geon BIO RD9000 Opaque 86A/15 1.56
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