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NEU™ View Translucent Radiopaque Solutions

NEUTM View Translucent Radiopaque Solutions from NEU Specialty Engineered Materials, LLC, solves the problem of opacity and visibility under x-ray in catheter extrusions.  NEU View is a patent-pending technology providing translucency and fluoroscopy.  This combination of performance attributes allows clinicians the ability to see confirmation of fluid flow and potentially harmful embolism-causing air bubbles.

NEU View Translucent Radiopaque Solutions provide benefits to the device manufacturer by reducing the need for standard co-extrusion and consolidation of material needs.  All grades have been ISO 10993 and USP VI tested.


NEU View Translucent Radiopaque Solutions features:

  • Optical clarity - visual confirmation of fluid flow, or blood backing up and identification of dangerous air bubbles
  • Radiopacity - positioned accurately in vivo under the guidance of medical imaging systems
  • Single Material – No co-extrusion necessary
  • Can meet functional requirements of catheters
    • Colorable
    • Tensile properties optimized for axial and torsional stiffness
    • Compatibility with polymer joining methods to ease assembly
    • Chemical resistance
    • Resistance to ETO, e-beam and gamma sterilization
    • Biocompatibility - ISO 10993-4 & 5 and USP VI certifications
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