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PolyOne offers exceptional careers in an array of functional areas in locations around the world. Learn more, then explore specific openings in each area. 


Focus Programs

Campus Recruiting

PolyOne is the perfect place to start your career, whether you're an MBA student, undergraduate or recent graduate. Our leadership development programs are designed for recent MBA graduates and undergraduates to grow via broad exposure to across our organization. Career-specific programs range from logistics to sales to finance and marketing. More...

Military Veterans

As a global leader, we work hard to integrate military veterans seamlessly into a professional career at PolyOne. We need experienced people with a global outlook who are able to create solutions and lead teams.  Military veterans are a natural fit and we’re proud to offer careers to veterans including enlisted, junior officers or officers. More...


Functional Areas

Our sales team is as diverse as our business, ranging from “traditional sellers” to chemical engineers who are on the sales teams to lead a more technical conversation with customers. Regardless of their title or department, they all benefit from having exciting and cutting-edge products and services to provide our customers.  Our sales team is very collaborative, working together to satisfy our customers’ needs. For example, one seller might be talking to a customer about our TPE materials for a toothbrush that they need, and at the same time, connect the customer to another seller who focuses on our colorants.​


Our marketing careers range from product management to pricing to industry management to marketing communications to strategic insights. Each is unique, but together, they contribute significantly to our success. Marketing job types include:

  • Product Management: Focuses on the product lifecycle
  • Pricing: Maintains focus on pricing services and products for our customers
  • Industry Management: Focuses on the wide array of industries that PolyOne serves
  • Marketing Communications: Owns our brand, drives communications and awareness
  • Strategic Insights: Focuses on assisting with our AOP process and maintaining our Knowledge Center


R&D and Technology
Innovation and formulation are at the foundation of what we do, and we are seeking technologists in all areas who have a desire to continue to learn and think outside of the box.

Every one of our R&D and Technology associates plays a unique but critical role, from our associates focused on improving processes and working with internal manufacturing, to our analytics team who use data for problem solving and reporting, to our application development technical service associates who educate our customers on how to best run our products and provide troubleshooting as needed.


Supply Chain and Logistics
This group of talented associates ensure you get what you need, where you need it, when you need it and how you need it! You’ll find individuals in these roles in both our regional offices as well as located in our manufacturing facilities. We also employ sourcing professionals who ensure we receive our raw materials and services at appropriate costs and within the ideal of service level agreements. ​


Customer Service
Our customer service associates are a vital link to our customers, providing them with superior service along with the superior products and services we provide. They take ownership of the customer experience, and internally, interact with several other departments within the company.  


Environmental Health & Safety
These dedicated associates spend each and every day finding ways to keep our associates as safe as possible and implementing sustainable processes to keep the world a safer place for today and the future. You can find our EHS associates in our manufacturing facilities providing the necessary training to our associates on how to remain safe. We also have Product Stewardship associates that create and update our MSDS sheets, ensuring all of our associates understand specifications and potential hazards. 


Our manufacturing roles are diverse. Some of our associates work with extrusion, others with sheet, some with liquid colorant, and others with powder colorant. We have quality labs in our manufacturing facilities, creating the need for technicians to assist with on site material testing. We employ maintenance personnel, engineers, production associates, warehouse teams, and quality technicians within each of our locations.

The consistent thread between all businesses is that the manufacturing processes keep our company going and help us to grow and deliver value to the customer.  These associates’ level of quality directly impacts the customer’s satisfaction, and their ability to be nimble allows PolyOne to successfully partner with customers.

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Human Resources
Our HR team plays a key role in finding, retaining and developing our most important asset—our people! Join our team in a variety of roles, ranging from recruiting to compensation and benefits to organizational development to payroll. HR job types include:

  • Recruiting: The company’s ambassadors; getting to know talented candidates and helping the candidates know PolyOne  
  • Compensation and Benefits: Ensures we remain competitive in the market with the foundational rewards we offer
  • Training and Organizational Development: Focuses on providing professional development opportunities across the organization and retaining top talent
  • Payroll: Ensures everyone’s paychecks are correct and on time
  • HR Generalist: Supports our client groups on all people matters 

Information Technology
Our IT team proactively works to find new technology to keep our global associates connected with each other and with our customers. They partner with the businesses and functions to provide solutions and help improve effectiveness and efficiency. From our performance management system to budgeting tools, IT integrates all of our functions into consistent systematic approaches. 


Our finance team supports our businesses and functions to ensure we are working effectively and efficiently with our money. They provide key insights to assist with making key and strategic decisions. Our finance associates have the ability to develop their skills working with either our corporate teams or each of the businesses. We also employ professionals in accounting, accounts payable, tax, treasury, and internal audit.