Breaking Metal Barriers

Automotive Structural Components

Lightweight Materials for Cars

Automobiles can be safe and sound without being weighed down by metal. Structural composites are lightweight, fatigue resistant and easily molded to shape, making them ideal substitutes for components in a car’s frame, body, or suspension. Give drivers the energy efficient, materially advanced automobile that will give them peace of mind on every trip.


  • Chassis stiffeners and braces are often made of steel or aluminum. Lighten up with thermoset structural composites
  • Metal structures restrict your design options. Polystrand™ thermoplastic structural composites give you the chance to flex your creative muscle
  • Remove weight, not strength, by replacing the metal in your brackets with OnForce™ LFT long fiber materials

Product Name Description Characteristics Characteristics
Glasforms™ Pultruded thermoset composites Stiffness Fatigue strength
Polystrand™ Continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites Stiffness Ability to post-form
OnForce™ LFT Long fiber reinforced plastics High Stiffness Good impact in structural and metal replacement applications
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