Colorants for High Consistency Silicone Rubber

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Silicone masterbatch dispersions use a silicone elastomer gum binder to create masterbatches. High-temperature, organic and inorganic pigments can be used to tailor your formulations. Our products are available in cuttable masterbatches, slabs or high-viscosity pastes for certain thermoset applications. Our solutions can help streamline your color development cycle, simplify production and reduce waste.


  • Standard single-pigment colors
  • Custom multi-pigment colors
  • Special effect and tint colors available
  • Indoor and outdoor light-fastness
  • Heat stability
  • Heavy–metal replacement
  • Fast weigh-up
  • Solutions available with GSDI™ branded products, Stan-Tone™ branded products and SilCoTec™ branded products.


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