Density Modified Formulations

Gravi-Tech™ Density Modified Formulations

Weight Without Compromise

Gravi-Tech™ polymer-metal composites are unique, high-density materials developed as effective alternatives to lead and other traditional metals. Formulated using select metallic fillers and engineered thermoplastic resins, these solutions offer densities similar to traditional metals while also providing design and processing flexibility because it can be extruded, molded, calendered or thermoformed into the final desired shape.

These customized density solutions are an excellent choice for applications where the touch and feel of metal can denote luxury and quality, such as spirits caps and closures, and in more functional applications like golf clubs, cutlery, fishing tackle and other outdoor accessories where heft is necessary for optimal performance.

In addition, several radiation-shielding grades are available to provide protection similar to lead-based materials at lighter weights or can match the density of lead when needed.

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  • Customized density with a wide range of specific gravities (1.5 - 11 gm/cm3)
  • Broad modulus range, from very flexible to very rigid grades
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Design flexibility
  • Good impact strength
  • Elevated heat deflection temperature












名称 类别 描述  
Gravi-Tech™-产品公告(英语) 产品公告 产品描述、用途、特性、市场和终端应用(英语版) 视图
Gravi-Tech™ - Product Bulletin (Chinese) 产品公告 Product description, value solution, characteristics, markets and end-use applications 视图
Gravi-Tech™ Density Modified Formulations - Design Guide 设计指南 Gravi-Tech™ polymer-metal composites are high density materials developed as thermoplastic-based alternatives to lead and other traditional metals 视图
Gravi-Tech™ 高密度化合物扩展版本 - 处理指南(英语) 加工指南 Gravi-Tech™ 高密度化合物的注塑成型参数和故障排除建议(英语版) 视图
Gravi-Tech™ Density Modified Formulations Extended Version - Processing Guide (Chinese) 加工指南 Injection molding parameters and troubleshooting recommendations for Gravi-Tech™  视图
Gravi-Tech™ High Density Beverage Closures - Application Bulletin 应用公告 Attain a luxury feel in beverage packaging with Gravi-Tech™ high density closures that stimulate the senses 视图
Gravi-Tech™ Knife Handle - Case Study Case Study (Brief) Replaced aluminum while providing the same premium weight and feel of metal 视图
高档烈酒瓶塞 - 案例研究 案例研究 出色的 Gravi-Tech™ 高密度酒塞专注于打造如烈酒行业所展示的奢华感 视图
Premium Spirits Closures - Case Study (Spanish) 案例研究 Distinguished Gravi-Tech™ high-density closures are focused on luxury perception as showcased in the spirits industry 视图

Gravi-Tech™ High Density Formulations

Benefits & characteristics of this high performance alternative to lead and other traditional metals

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