Stan-Tone™ PEP聚酯分散剂


These colorants are highly compatible with polyester systems, reacting to become part of your final cured product. In addition to use in polyester polyurethanes, Stan-Tone™ PEP colorants are suitable for use in a variety of thermoset polyester applications. Popular uses include pultrusion and SCM formulations, cast polymer countertops, glass-reinforced composites and coated fabrics. PolyOne also offers a custom PEP vehicle system recommended for gelcoat applications.


  • 与聚酯和聚醚 系统兼容
  • 可以使用不同的载体系统和颜料混合物
  • 产品可以用于从液体至糊状的各种粘度
名称 类别 描述  
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