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Wilflex™ Epic 系列 - 产品公告 产品公告 Product highlights, benefits, compliance, commonly asked questions, Epic Series list and color mixing systems 视图
Glasforms Flex-Tough Drawing 产品公告 Flex-Tough composite marker 视图
Glasforms Manual Driver 产品公告 Glasforms manual driver drawing 视图
Gravi-Tech™-产品公告(英语) 产品公告 产品描述、用途、特性、市场和终端应用(英语版) 视图
PDI Healthcare Brochure 2011 行业公告/概况 Comprehensive consulting and testing expertise for medical materials and device companies 视图
ColorMatrix Injection Molding Product Info Brochure 宣传册和产品信息 Colorants and additives for injection moulded products to improve productivity, enhance aesthetics and protect products 视图
汽车散热器护罩 - 案例研究 案例研究 OnCap™ CTR solution helps luxury European automaker meet peak demand, better flow and moldfilling, and reduced cycle times 视图
ColorMatrix™ 液体颜色-产品选型指南 (俄罗斯) 产品选择指南 ColorMatrix™ 液体颜色指南(俄语版) 视图
Wilflex™ 纹理油墨 - 产品公告 产品公告 Special effect bases that create unique surfae textures; soft, medium and hard textures, and metallics and shimmers 视图
Wilflex Oasis™ Hydrosoft 特殊基材 17500WSE - 产品公告 产品公告 Water-based printing ink designed to improve cure properties for increased print volume; product information and recommended parameters 视图
液体药物给药转接器 - 案例研究 案例研究 Liquid dosing adapters from Andwin Scientific created with Dynaflex™ and Synprene™ 视图
Geon™ 聚氯乙烯刚性塑模配方 - 产品选型指南 产品选择指南 Product characteristics of interior, transparent and exterior compounds 视图
你想要触碰的包装 - 文章 物品 在决定采购前,消费者平均花费3秒查看货架上的产品。 了解 一种外观柔和的产品如何能让您的 包装更具吸引力。 视图
Wilflexs™ Epic 特效清晰 10008PFX - 产品公告 产品公告 Wilflex™ 特制无邻苯二甲酸酯塑胶油墨能够打造诸如玻璃、凝胶、水和高光表面的特殊外观效果;产品信息和推荐的参数 视图
Wilflex™ Epic 时尚软基材 10340PFXFSB - 产品公告 产品公告 Non-phthalate ink designed as a low viscosity plastisol base to simulate waterbase inks and produce an ultra soft hand feel; product information and recommended parameters 视图
Wilflex™ Epic HD 柔软白色 11000PFWST - 产品公告 产品公告 Specially formulated non-phthalate inks designed to produce a surface that is soft to the touch with high stretch and good durability; product information and recommended parameters 视图
Wilflex™ Epic 快速白色 11835PFW - 产品公告 产品公告 Non-phthalate premium white ink that delivers superior printability and visual appearance and can be used as an underbase flash white or as a highlight white; product information and recommended parameters 视图
Wilflex™ Epic 性能基材 18600PFXPB - 产品公告 产品公告 Non-phthalate plastisol inks designed to print onto a variety of specialty fabrics, including high performance athletic stretch polyester and polyester blended fabrics; product information and recommended parameters 视图
Wilflex™ Epic 流程青 69850PFX - 产品公告 产品公告 Designed to produce the cleanest, highest intensity colors for direct wet-on-wet textile printing; product information and recommended parameters 视图
Wilflex™ Oasis™ 拉伸添加剂 50108WOA - 产品公告 产品公告 Designed for use with Wilflex™ Oasis™ Hydrate and Intense ink systems to increase elongation when printing on high stretch substrates; product information and recommended parameters 视图
Wilflex™ One MX 色彩匹配 - 产品公告 产品公告 Wilflex™ 无邻苯二甲酸混合颜料可以准确地配合 Pantone PMS和主流品牌颜色 视图
ColorMatrix™ Lactra™ SX- 产品公告(英语) 产品公告 PET专用ColorMatrix™ Lactra™ SX 光屏蔽助剂的产品描述、用途、关键特性、目标市场、应用和技术获益(英语版) 视图
Glasforms Hiway-Flex Drawing 产品公告 Hiway-Flex composite marker 视图
Glasforms Pedestal Marker Decals 产品公告 Standard pedestal marker decals 视图
铁路电缆-案例研究 案例研究 ECCOH™ cable compounds meet London Underground requirements for low smoke and toxicity 视图