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TrendWatch: Materials Matter for Advanced Mobility

Cars of tomorrow? Materials will help make them happen.
Cars of tomorrow? Materials will help make them happen.
Cars of tomorrow? Materials will help make them happen.
Cars of tomorrow? Materials will help make them happen.
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VIDEO: Managing
skin irritation
for TPE wearables
This webinar highlights root causes and details remedies for wearable electronics designers.
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Winning Impact Modification: Using TPEsDiscover how one manufacturer improved performance and reduced weight for $500,000 in annual savings.READ MORE
Beverage Closure TPE Innovation XO Slider from XOLUTION raises performance without disrupting established processes.READ MORE
Vibration reduction and moreManufacturer improves saw cover while increasing efficiency, reducing scrap and saving $55,000 annually with overmolding process.READ MORE
Improve Medical OvermoldingMedical hose manufacturer lowers costs and achieves higher flow by switching to TPE.READ MORE
Mouse Goes Premium with Soft TouchEnhanced user experience drives increased market share and over $400,000 in new sales revenue.READ MORE
TPEs for safety, durability, brandingAdding safety, durability and signature blue color gave one medical device manufacturer the edge on its competition.READ MORE
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Achieving Color HarmonyRead how we helped one electric carmaker shorten lead times and fine-tune color harmony in key molded interior parts. READ MORE
RADIATION SHIELDING WITHOUT LEADGlobal medical device OEM outpaces competition with non-lead CT scanner components.READ MORE
EMI Shielding Adds SpeedShielding connectors deliver higher speeds, lower costs than ever before.READ MORE
Eliminate paint? No problemMasterbatch approach eliminates added cost, chemical volatility of painting.READ MORE
RoHS Compliance Expands MarketsLearn how Kalas expanded its offerings by reducing heavy metal in wire, cable.READ MORE
Reducing costs in solar wiringThis single-layer jacket amps up photovoltaic wire offering for a leading manufacturer.READ MORE
Tier 1 Drives SavingsNew material leads to cycle time improvement, reduced maintenance costs and color standardization. READ MORE
Solar Lighting Switches to VinylRethinking materials for solar-powered lights adds $500,000 to Smart Hero’s bottom line.READ MORE
Meeting FDA Requirements with TPEInnovative dosing adapter helps parents avoid dispensing too much liquid medication to their children, and achieves greater production efficiencies.READ MORE
SAVINGS AND APPEAL FOR AUTOMOTIVE INTERIORAutomaker delivers 'wow' factor and $500,000 in annual savings with new colorant plus additive.READ MORE
IMPROVED ENCLOSURES WITH VINYLRead how one network interface device maker produces better housings at a lower cost.READ MORE
Microbe protection for cathetersA breakthrough formulation improves the antimicrobial properties of tiny medical tubing.READ MORE
non-halogen tpes in electrical junction boxesNon-halogen boxes deliver production efficiencies and increase sustainability.READ MORE
Durablility, SimplifiedManufacturer finds improved durability and cost-effectiveness for plastic spinning tubes & bobbins.READ MORE
VINYL ACHIEVES THE LOOK OF METALOne manufacturer saves $500,000 by replacing painted parts with metallic-look material. READ MORE
VINYL RECHARGES MANUFACTURING PROCESSA switch to pre-colored vinyl generates better products and $100,000 savings.READ MORE
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tpe in MEDICAL DEVICE saves $175,000After turning to PolyOne for help, a manufacturer successfully reduces costs for a new valve insert by $175,000.READ MORE
Cutting weight, freeing designWith help from PolyOne, auto parts manufacturer HellermannTyton finds a nylon lightweighting solution.READ MORE
LED HEAT SINKSA shift from metal drives an improved product line for one component manufacturer.READ MORE