SynPlicity™ Cosmetic Esters

It’s a familiar story. Cosmetic companies that historically use fast gelling, high solvating, petroleum-derived plasticizers are compelled by public regulation or private safety concerns to reformulate their products. The kicker? The plasticizer alternatives are not as efficient and process more slowly.

We’ve developed a better option that doesn’t require tradeoffs. Our SynPlicity™ 1000 bioplasticizer provides formulators and brand owners with an excellent balance of performance and durability. This highly efficient, non-phthalate, bio-derived alternative to conventional high solvating plasticizers can also be used together with conventional plasticizer systems.

Who will benefit from this technology? Formulators and brand owners who:

  • Are seeking a high solvating plasticizer to help optimize formulations
  • Have sacrificed performance as a result of plasticizer selection/substitution
  • Value high levels of rapidly renewable content
  • Require a non-phthalate plasticizer system

See the Resources tab (below) for technical information on SynPlicity™ 1000.


  • 94% bio-based, non-phthalate alternative to high solvating plasticizers
  • Usage levels and performance characteristics comparable to DBP, BBP and other high solvating plasticizers
  • Enhanced mechanical properties at equivalent hardness
  • INCI (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient) listed as Methyl Epoxidized Soyate
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Product Bulletin
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