ColorMatrix™ Amosorb™ SolO2 CO2 Barrier and Oxygen Scavenger for PET

Active scavenging and passive barrier technology in one additive

Featuring both active scavenging and passive barrier technology, ColorMatrix™ Amosorb™ SolO2 provides excellent protection for a wide range of foods and beverages, including carbonated drinks. This solution is particularly effective where empty bottle storage and container lightweighting are required.                                                                                               


  • Single product solution - can be used with any type of PET base resin
  • Suitable for mono-layer and multi-layer containers as well as thermoformed sheet applications
  • Can be combined with color to suit individual customer requirements 

ColorMatrix Amosorb SolO2 complies with EU and FDA food contact legislation. Full regulatory details are available on request.

ColorMatrix Amosorb SolO2 CO2 Barrier for PET
Product Name Description Attributes
ColorMatrix™ Amosorb SolO2 O2 scavenger with O2 /CO2 passive barrier Up to 18 months shelf life for non-carbonated
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